10 Anime Characters Who Are At all times Harassed

Sometimes, anime worlds are extraordinarily nerve-wracking and rife with battle. Though some characters have discovered methods to seek out peace inside themselves by way of life philosophies or meditation, others are continuously pressured concerning the present state of affairs and what might occur sooner or later.

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This apprehension might manifest by way of their actions, comparable to elevated aggression or lashing out. Nevertheless, some might sometimes weaponize their stress to their benefit as motivation or in another kind. The affect of stress on an anime character’s life can’t be neglected because it influences their actions and the plot as a complete.

10/10 Michael Holes Was An Ineffective Warden


Michael Holes with his bodyguards

Michael Holes was the warden of the Arizona State Jail in Baki. Regardless of carrying himself with a assured and snide demeanor, he was truly stressed in most conditions. Holes’ apprehension was comprehensible, nevertheless.

Between Olivia’s immense power and Baki’s willpower to problem him, he struggled for credibility among the many inmates below his cost. When Baki kidnapped Holes and compelled the opposite jailers to face down, the warden knew that it meant the top of his status and presumably even his profession.

9/10 Azula Always Jockeyed For Ozai’s Approval

Avatar: The Final AIrbender

Azula looking scary in Avatar The Last Airbender

Azula by no means had a second’s peace in Avatar. Totally leaning into her father’s doctrine, she viciously hunted Aang throughout the nations in hopes of proving herself. Since Azula continuously mocked and took benefit of Zuko’s inefficiency, she wanted to succeed the place he failed.

Azula’s stress grew to become evident at a seashore social gathering. Maladapted and clearly unable to mingle along with her friends, she burnt down a complete home in a match of rage. After Ozai instructed her to remain behind in the course of the conquest of the Earth Kingdom, Azula minimize her personal hair in a match of feral rage.

8/10 Kurapika By no means Let Go Of The Previous

Hunter X Hunter

Kurapika Scarlet Eyes Glowing

Kurapika’s story was probably the most tragic of Hunter X Hunter. He survived the traumatic extinction of the Kurta Clan and vowed to avenge them. To this finish, he grew to become a Hunter, realized Nen, and even kidnapped Chrollo personally.

Though Gon satisfied Kurapika to not kill him, he discovered little solace in forcing the Troupe to disperse. Kurapika continued to stay along with his previous, by no means in a position to escape its shadow or the stress it induced. He by no means visited Gon when the youth was hospitalized, insinuating that he would possibly remorse following his recommendation.

7/10 Neito Always In contrast Himself To Class 1-A

My Hero Academia

Anime My Hero Academia Neito Monoma Copy Quirk Harden

Neito facilitated the rivalry between Class 1-A and 1-B in My Hero Academia. His inferiority complicated continuously pushed him to match the 2, which made him seem unstable to your entire faculty. Neito’s stress was on account of the inconceivable requirements he set for himself.

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Since Class 1-A comprised probably the most promising heroes who already confronted lethal villains, he by no means ought to have dwelled on being weaker than them. If he did not, he might have put extra power into his personal betterment.

6/10 Shinra Struggled With His Previous & Nature

Fireplace Pressure

Fire Force - Shinra Kusakabe smiling

Shinra Kusakabe had extra trigger for stress than most Fireplace Pressure characters. Pressured to endure his mom’s demise and brother’s disappearance, others started to mistrust him. This made becoming a member of Firm Eight tougher even when he had noble intentions.

Moreover, Shinra was recognized as a pillar obligatory for the Evangelist’s awakening. In consequence, he was focused by quite a few White-Clad members. Shinra responded to emphasize by reflexively smiling, which gave others the impression that he did not care about how a lot hazard he was in.

5/10 Eren Refused To Cease Preventing

Assault On Titan

Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan.

Eren’s philosophy to “by no means cease preventing” was a rallying cry and major theme for the characters of Assault On Titan. Nevertheless, he practiced it so religiously that he might by no means escape stress or his personal demons. In lots of situations, Eren would lash out because of the stress he’d been containing with himself.

This was seen in the course of the second battle for Shigashina when making an attempt to revive Armin. He proved equally unconstrained when demanding that Historia eat him as justice for his father’s crimes. On the finish of the Rumbling, Eren had a whole breakdown within the Paths.

4/10 Ghiaccio Sweated The Small Stuff

JoJo’s Weird Journey

GHIACCIO golden wind

Out of any JoJo’s Weird Journey characters, Ghiaccio carried probably the most stress. He continuously dived into tirades over pedantic points that in the end did not matter. Most of La Squadra ignored these episodes since that they had come to tolerate them as a part of his character.

Ghiaccio additionally took nice offense when the heroes tried to assault him regardless of their roles as specific enemies. His hypervigilance and eagerness to go overboard advised how high-strung and pressured the villain truly was. Satirically, Ghiaccio was additionally overconfident in White Album’s protecting capacities, which led to his downfall.

3/10 Nnoitra’s Enviousness Made Him Bitter


Nnoitra licks his hand in Bleach

Nnoitra was probably the most envious character in Bleach. He allowed it to outline his character, which turned him towards his personal allies. For instance, he betrayed Nelliel since he needed her rank and felt like she did not deserve it.

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Through the shinigami’s invasion of Espada territory, Nnoitra was additionally envious of Kenpachi Zaraki’s power. To this finish, he refused to simply accept defeat and even taunted his opponent into killing him. Nnoitra’s fixed inferiority complicated resulted in a particularly hectic and unsatisfying life the place he died with out ever discovering peace.

2/10 Usopp Did not Take To Hazard As Effectively As Different Straw Hats

One Piece

Usopp in shock and fear when he goes over the waterfall in Skypiea - One Piece

Though Usopp shared the Straw Hats’ sense of journey, he ranked among the many most skittish characters in One Piece. Every time the crew confronted an excellent distant quantity of hazard, Usopp was the quickest to advise that they modify course in an effort to stop calamity.

To Usopp’s credit score, there have been many factors the place everybody ought to have died, such because the combat in Sabaody Archipelago and towards the forces of Onigashima. Regardless, Usopp hopes to alleviate his stress by changing into a courageous warrior of the ocean.

1/10 Stress Solely Makes Re-Destro Stronger

My Hero Academia

Re-Destro from My Hero Academia.

As a high-powered businessman and aspiring prison, My Hero Academia‘s Re-Destro had many causes to be pressured. It straight performed into his power on account of his Quirk. Re-Destro might harness his apprehension, straight changing it into energy.

At 150% stress, Re-Destro simply pushed Shigaraki previous his restrict, which pressured him to awaken his “Decay” means in an effort to prevail. Whereas stress would possibly make Re-Destro unstable, he was greater than keen to pay the value in an effort to grow to be one of the harmful threats within the antagonists’ arsenal.

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