10 Finest Himedere Characters In Anime

Japanese anime followers like utilizing every kind of phrases to explain the final conduct of their favourite characters, most of all of the -dere varieties, reminiscent of kuudere, tsundere, and dandere. A barely extra area of interest -dere sort is the himedere sort, describing a wannabe princess with an inflated self of significance.

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A basic himedere is secretly insecure and will have abandonment points, main that character to behave like royalty and demand that everybody obey her. Such characters take pleasure in authority and being showered with reward and affection, and so they may act that approach towards a love curiosity. Loads of anime characters, often feminine ones, act like that, and others are partial himederes who love being the queen bee of any social circle or faculty.

10 Mio Aoyama Desires Everybody To Assume She’s Wealthy

The World God Solely Is aware of

mio aoyama

The World God Solely Is aware of stars a wise, calculating male lead named Keima who completely loves video video games, together with datings sims. Then, with the spirit hunter Elsie backing him up, Keima tried to repair the hearts of the women round him and use courting sims as a reference.

One such “goal” was Mio Aoyama, a standoffish blonde woman who got here from a wealthy household. Extra not too long ago, Mio misplaced her household wealth, however as a himedere, she nonetheless desires everybody to adore her as a wealthy, lovely woman who has all of it. She even misplaced her butler, however will not dare inform anybody that.

9 Daki Is A Flesh-Consuming Himedere

Demon Slayer

Daki The Former Upper Moon 6

In Demon Slayer‘s world, most demons are immodest and cocky, having shed their human weak spot to achieve demonic energy, reminiscent of blood arts. However even by demon requirements, the attractive and lethal Daki is a real himedere, and he or she loves being the leisure district’s star princess.

Daki had it tough rising up in poverty, after which she almost burned to demise. Now she compensates together with her demonic energy and fame, but it surely’s all a fragile facade. As soon as Tengen Uzui hacked off her head, Daki cried her eyes out, her himedere persona shattered for good.

8 Mary Saotome Loved Making Ryota Her Housepet


Mary Saotome From Kakegurui

In Kakegurui, college students on the elite Hyakkou faculty gamble towards each other with huge sums of cash, and anybody who sinks into debt turns into a housepet, a extremely demeaning title to have. Early on, the blonde Mary Saotome put Ryota Suzui into debt and took full benefit of that.

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Mary instantly acted like a immodest princess across the dandere Ryota, gleefully bossing him round and even utilizing him as a footrest. Even after Yumeko later humbled her, Mary saved up her boastful streak and now goals to problem the coed council, too.

7 Minerva Orland Desires To Be The Strongest

Fairy Tail

Minerva Orland from Fairy Tail

Members of the Fairy Tail guild are sometimes cooperative and pleasant folks, however the Sabertooth guild could be very completely different. Within the Grand Magic Video games match in Fairy Tail, Sabertooth’s members had been launched as antagonistic bullies, most of all Minerva Orland.

Minerva has himedere tendencies together with her useless, boastful want to at all times be the strongest. She’s extra loyal to herself than to any guild, and loves flaunting her superiority. All that is to compensate for her thuggish father Jiemma’s poor therapy of her in her girlhood.

6 Ayaka Yukihiro Is A Himedere/Ojou-Sama Cross

Mahou Sensei Negima!

ayaka Yukihiro

The blonde Ayaka Yukihiro is each a himedere and an ojou-sama anime character in Mahou Sensei Negima!. She blurs these two archetypes together with her immodest, lofty conduct and her ultra-wealthy background, reminiscent of displaying off her household jet and personal island.

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Ayaka completely dotes on her younger instructor Negi and can do something he asks, however round her classmates, it is the reverse. Ayaka loves to claim her function as class consultant and provides orders to everybody round her, typically scolding them for goofing off or getting unhealthy grades so typically.

5 Kerori Crocell Turned The Beast Princess

Welcome To Demon Faculty, Iruma-Kun!

Crocell Kerori is announcing something

Kerori Crocell, additionally spelled Keroli, was launched as a well-known demidol, or pop idol, in Welcome to Demon Faculty, Iruma-Kun!. For a time, her secret identification as a pop star outlined her character arc, however after coaching in Season 3, Kerori turned a real himedere.

Kerori and Caim each skilled exhausting to command animals, and Kerori smugly turned queen of the jungle throughout the Harvest Competition. She leaned fully into that function, full with a haughty perspective, a throne, and a fairy tale-like turqoise robe with white fur trim and heels.

4 Azazel Ameri Is A Nicer Variety Of Himedere

Welcome To Demon Faculty, Iruma-Kun!

Azazel Ameri looking happy in Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-kun.

Welcome to Demon Faculty, Iruma-Kun! truly has a second himedere-style character, besides Azazel Ameri is far subtler about it. Whereas Kerori is the beast princess, Azazel Ameri is the coed council president at Babyls, and this dignified demon woman takes the function very severely.

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Ameri is strict, good at giving orders, and is targeted on decorum always. She additionally thinks extremely of herself, however she’s not completely immodest. Ameri has her variety facet as effectively, being Iruma’s good good friend and admirer whereas additionally hoping she will rating a shojo-style romance with him.

3 Dio Brando Is A Uncommon Male Himedere

JoJo’s Weird Journey

dio brando in phantom blood

Most himedere anime characters are women, however a couple of boys additionally match this archetype, with Dio Brando being an instance from JoJo’s Weird Journey. Dio suits the himedere archetype surprisingly effectively, beginning along with his insecurities about his depressing childhood and his burning want to face out.

Dio turned extremely immodest, talking as “I, Dio,” and he wished to rule all of England and later, your entire world. As a himedere, Dio began sporting fancy garments, had a fortress for his dwelling base, and reacted with panic and rage anytime issues did not go his approach within the battle with Jonathan Joestar.

2 The Unique Katarina Claes Was A Himedere Brat

My Subsequent Life As A Villainess

Katarina Claes bratty mode

In the primary My Subsequent Life as a Villainess story, the reborn Katarina Claes was a complete deredere and bakadere, therefore her nickname Bakarina. The unique character, who appeared briefly in Episode 1, was a basic otome villainess and a critical himedere.

That model of Katarina was a bratty himedere and a typical spoiled wealthy child, and he or she wasn’t afraid to throw tantrums in entrance of her maids. She was choosy, demanding, and self-centered, so it is no surprise she was purported to develop as much as be an otome villainess bully.

1 Erina Nakiri Even Attire Like A Princess In Her Creativeness

Meals Wars!: Shokugeki No Soma

Erina Nakiri on a throne in Food Wars!

Erina Nakiri is each a complete tsundere and a himedere in Meals Wars!. She checks of all of the bins, having abandonment points regarding her mom and “daddy points” relating to her father Azami Nakiri, so Erina is determined to impress everybody and act necessary to compensate.

Erina is the queen bee of Totsuki, a immodest and lofty woman who loves being extensively admired and revered. When she’s in an excellent temper or wanting down on somebody, she is going to even image herself in a frilly robe, sitting on a throne whereas a crown rests on her head.

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