10 Naruto Characters Who May Beat Kakashi In His Prime

Only a few anime and manga sequence have achieved the extent of success that Naruto has, thanks partly to its motion and characters. Most characters are ninja, and by way of intelligence and talent, only a few can sustain with Kakashi Hatake. He turned a Jonin at age 10, and he joined the ANBU when he was 13. Shortly after the Fourth Nice Ninja Struggle, he was named the Sixth Hokage.

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Kakashi participated in various battles all through the sequence, and more often than not, he was victorious. There is no such thing as a doubt that Kakashi is a strong ninja, however there are others who’re simply as sturdy, or stronger. Kakashi was at his prime when he possessed Obito’s Sharingan, and even then, there are some characters who might have defeated him.

10/10 The Third Raikage’s Velocity Would Be Too A lot For Kakashi’s Sharingan

Third Raikage Uses Four Fingered Spear Hand, Naruto Shippuden

The Third Raikage was capable of combat a rampaging Eight-Tails by himself, and he fought a military of 10,000 enemy ninja single-handedly for 3 straight days earlier than dying. He’s the strongest Raikage in historical past, and the strongest ninja to return out of the Land of Lightning.

Due to his Lightning Launch Chakra Mode, the Third Raikage can wrap his physique in lightning chakra which tremendously enhances his already superhuman bodily talents. Which means that Kakashi’s Sharingan would not have the ability to sustain together with his actions. This mode would additionally make the Raikage resistant to Kakashi’s Chidori.

9/10 Kisame May Drown Kakashi & Steal His Chakra

Kisame Fused With Samehada in Naruto

Kisame was essentially the most loyal and reliable Akatsuki member, and he arguably possessed essentially the most chakra out of all the group. He was a part of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, and he wielded Samehada, a sentient sword that ate up the chakra of these it minimize.

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If Kisame went all out in opposition to Kakashi, he would positively use his Water Jail Shark Dance Approach. This may entice Kakashi in a large dome of water that will transfer in accordance with Kisame’s location. Kakashi would finally drown, and if he tried to combat, Kisame might fuse with Samehada and change into a human-shark hybrid with full territorial benefit.

8/10 Madara’s Good Sunanoo Can Reshape Landscapes

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The argument may be made that Madara is the strongest Uchiha in historical past, which is comprehensible contemplating he was nearly unstoppable throughout the Fourth Nice Ninja Struggle. If Madara fought Kakashi one-on-one, he would maintain the benefit in expertise, chakra reserves, and taijutsu.

The true energy of Madara’s Mangekyo Sharingan was by no means revealed, however it did permit him to summon an ideal Susanoo. This large samurai-like avatar would defend Madara from all of Kakashi’s ninjustu. The sword of Madara’s Susanoo can change whole landscapes with a single swing, which suggests Kakashi might by no means survive such an assault.

7/10 Pakura May Take Him Down With One Hit Thanks To Scorch Launch

Pakura Using Scorch Release During The 4th Great Ninja War

When she was alive, the Sand Village acknowledged Pakura as a hero due to her talent on the battlefield. She often is the strongest kunoichi within the Sand’s historical past, and a substantial amount of her energy got here from her means to make use of the Scorch Launch Kekkei Genkai.

Kakashi is a close-range fighter, which implies that Pakura might take him out in a single hit. Scorch Launch permits her to create warmth orbs that will evaporate all of the moisture in Kakashi’s physique in the event that they hit him. These orbs would depart Kakashi in a mummified state.

6/10 Kakashi Would Not Be In a position To Overcome Hidan’s Curse

Hidan Laughing While Activating His Curse

Due to the forbidden strategies of the Jashin faith, Hidan was capable of get hold of immortality, which explains why the Akatsuki recruited him. He was additionally capable of flip himself right into a human voodoo doll by consuming a few of his opponent’s blood.

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It’s true that Kakashi fought Hidan within the sequence, however their combat by no means had a real victor as a result of Shikamaru obtained concerned. That being stated, Kakashi was at all times on the defensive throughout their combat. If Hidan had been capable of minimize Kakashi in any means, it will all be over as quickly because the curse was activated.

5/10 Danzo Would Win Thanks To Izanagi

Danzo Revealing His Sharingan To Fight Sasuke

If issues had labored out in another way, Danzo would have been the Sixth Hokage as a substitute of Kakashi. He was in command of his personal covert ANBU unit, and he was a Leaf Village elder who served underneath the Second Hokage.

When it comes to battle expertise, Danzo has excess of Kakashi, however his ninjutsu is just not as versatile as Kakashi’s. Danzo will get the higher hand due to his proper arm, which incorporates a number of Sharingan. Due to Hashirama cells, he can use Izanagi, an Uchiha genjutsu that permits him to rewrite actuality in order that Kakashi can not land an actual ending blow.

4/10 Ache Proved He May Do It When He Invaded The Leaf Village

Pain Impaling Kakashi's Clone With One Of His Bodies

It’s true that Nagato/Ache’s Rinnegan truly belonged to Madara, however he’s the one who mastered it. He created the Six Paths of Ache, which had been six our bodies that shared the identical sight view. One physique might extract souls, one other might summon massive beasts, and one other might take in ninjustu.

Kakashi fought Ache when he invaded Konoha, and he was unable to defeat two our bodies on his personal, not to mention six. With assist, Kakashi fought the Asura Path which might create mechanized armor and weapons, and the Deva Path which managed the forces of attraction and repulsion. He died throughout the encounter.

3/10 Mangetsu Was The Strongest Of The Mist’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen

Mangetsu Killing Several Ninja During The 4th Great Ninja War

Kabuto resurrected many highly effective ninja throughout the Fourth Nice Ninja Struggle, together with the best technology of the Mist’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen. Mangestu was Suigetsu’s older brother, and he was the chief of the group. He mastered all seven blades and was entrusted with a scroll that would summon all of them.

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As a member of the Hozuki Clan, Mangetsu might liquefy his physique, which meant that only a few bodily assaults might harm him. Even Kakashi’s lightning wouldn’t take him down, however it will stun him. Mangestu was the final member of the group to be sealed, and he took down dozens of ninja with out even utilizing a sword.

2/10 Jiraiya May Have Defeated Ache, So Preventing Kakashi Would Be A Breeze

Jiraiya striking a pose in Naruto.

Jiraiya was one of many Legendary Sannin, and he skilled two future Hokage. He was provided the place 3 times, however he turned it down. When it comes to talent and energy, Jiraiya was greater than suited to the place, as he is without doubt one of the best ninja to return from the Land of Hearth.

Itachi knew that Jiraiya might beat him and Kisame, which is why they retreated. Kakashi couldn’t even combat Itachi alone. Ache admitted that if Jiraiya had realized his secret sooner, he would have gained their battle. If Jiraiya might beat Ache at full energy, he might deal with Kakashi.

1/10 The First Hokage Was Principally A Ninja God

The First Hokage Using Sage Mode During The 4th Great Ninja War

Hashirama Senju turned the first Hokage, and lengthy after his dying, he’s nonetheless thought of one of many strongest ninja in historical past. He possessed the Wooden Launch kekkei genkai, which allowed him to defeat Tailed Beasts on his personal.

He might additionally use his personal kind of Sage Mode, which might give him a fair larger benefit over Kakashi as a result of it will enhance his bodily energy and response time. Hashirama might knock Kakashi out with Wooden Launch: Introduction of a World of Flowering Bushes, or he can create a large multi-armed wood statue that rivals the ability of a Tailed Beast.

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