10 Shonen Anime With Surprisingly Comfortable Endings

Comfortable endings aren’t commonplace in shonen anime, so an upbeat decision can really feel like a miracle. The completely happy ending may very well be so simple as surviving a battle or watching two long-awaited characters lastly come collectively. Whatever the type, satisfying endings are treasured to followers as a result of lives are at all times on the road in shonen animes.

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Contemplating all of the hardships that shonen characters face, it feels just like the anime owes them a contented ending. Nonetheless, some heroes energy by means of battles solely to lose all the things ultimately. There is no assure that everybody will survive, so followers are pleasantly shocked when a shonen anime ends properly.

10/10 Inuyasha & Kagome Lastly Defeat Naraku

Inuyasha: The Last Act

Inuyasha standing alongside kagome

It looks as if Inuyasha won’t ever catch Naraku as a result of he is at all times a number of steps forward of the half-demon. Naraku is nearly undefeatable for a lot of the shonen anime, due to the demon hidden contained in the Shikon jewel. The Demon of the Shikon no Tama is an equally-powerful adversary, serving to Naraku regenerate even after being torn to items.

The battle is so onerous on Inuyasha that he makes use of a jewel shard to boost Tessaiga. He begins to turn into a full demon, however Kagome jumps into the acid to cease him from turning. With their mixed power, they defeat the demon and Naraku without delay. Regardless of how lengthy it takes, Inuyasha and Kagome win the battle and get their completely happy ending.

9/10 Ed & Al Get Their Our bodies Again

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Ed and Al in the flesh, against a cloudy blue sky - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

After watching Ed and Al lose their our bodies as kids, the completely happy ending of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood feels well-deserved. The Elric brothers try an alchemy method referred to as human transmutation to carry their mom again from the lifeless. The result’s Ed shedding a number of limbs and Al shedding his physique completely, and the boys spend the remainder of the present attempting to get their our bodies again.

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The brothers narrowly keep away from dying by the hands of the Homunculi, however Ed and Al pull by means of ultimately. Within the ultimate episode, Ed exchanges his alchemy for his brother’s physique, and the boys go house to Winry within the flesh. Surprisingly, the Elric brothers face insurmountable odds and are available out on high.

8/10 Natsu Brings Everybody Dwelling

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail's Natsu Dragneel and His Guildmates

The battle to defeat Acnologia is seemingly limitless, however Natsu and the opposite Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail beat him ultimately. The heroes barely escape the Time Rift that Acnologia makes use of to entice them, simply as he avoids their assault on his physique within the Fairy Sphere. Contemplating his accumulation of magic, it takes all of the Dragon Slayers mixed to lastly defeat him.

Natsu brings his buddies house after successful the conflict, and the guild celebrates Lucy’s narration of their trials. The 2 promise to remain by one another’s facet and go on one other quest collectively. Except for the villains, everybody will get their completely happy ending, and the anime leaves issues open for extra adventures to return.

7/10 Naruto Turns into The Seventh Hokage

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Uzumaki in his Hokage uniform in Naruto.

Naruto’s purpose has at all times been to turn into Hokage, however his journey to achieve that degree isn’t simple. To turn into the Hokage, Naruto trains underneath Kakashi and goes from his worst pupil to probably the greatest. With a hardworking, constructive mindset, Naruto grows robust sufficient to defeat Kage and jinchuriki alike.

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By the point he reaches full maturity, Naruto has such {powerful} chakra reserves that he intimidates everybody in a combat. Though he generally meets his match in Sasuke, the Seventh Hokage proves himself stronger on many events. Naruto achieves his dream by means of sheer pressure of will, making the ending of the shonen anime happier than anticipated.

6/10 Goku Trains His Successor

Dragon Ball Z

Uub kicking Goku and Goku blocking it

Goku is the undisputed protector of Earth attributable to his capacity to maintain leveling up. He by no means stops coaching, reaching the Tremendous Saiyan type in response to his buddy Krillin’s loss of life. Goku masters the artwork of getting stronger by working onerous, and he trains his son Gohan to comply with in his footsteps.

Since Gohan offers up coaching ultimately, Goku takes on one other successor who battles him in a match. Because the reincarnation of Majin Buu, Uub holds his personal in opposition to Goku and piques his curiosity. Dragon Ball Z ends with Goku touring to Uub’s village, and though the conclusion is extra open than completely happy, the promise of extra combating is sufficient.

5/10 Shoko Forgives Shoya For The whole lot

A Silent Voice

Shouko Nishimiya and Shoya Ishida from A Silent Voice

Shoya Ishida does not have a good time in class after he bullies Shoko, since he will get bullied by his classmates for the remainder of his adolescence. He’s horrible to Shoko as a toddler, snatching away her listening to aids and teasing her for being deaf. Nonetheless, Shoya grows to remorse his decisions and seeks forgiveness from his classmate for all the things.

Fortunately, Shoko isn’t actually mad at Shoya within the first place. She befriends him when he lingers exterior of her classroom and begins liking him romantically afterward. Regardless of the somber tone of the complete movie, A Silent Voice ends on a surprisingly completely happy word due to Shoko’s deep compassion.

4/10 Miyamura Proposes To Hori


Miyamura proposes to Hori - Horimiya

It isn’t stunning that Horimiya‘s ending is an efficient one, contemplating the straightforward romance between Miyamura and Hori. Nonetheless, Miyamura’s proposal to Hori comes out of the blue, particularly after she admits to not figuring out him properly sufficient. He says it in the identical chill tone he makes use of to admit his emotions, stunning Hori along with his insistence that they keep collectively for good.

Hori worries in regards to the destiny of their relationship after commencement, however he rapidly reassures her. Horimiya ends with Miyamura feeling grateful to Hori for ignoring the rumors and speaking to him. The development of their relationship makes for a candy ending to the shonen anime.

3/10 Meliodas & Elizabeth Construct A Life Collectively

Seven Lethal Sins

Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas and Elizabeth kiss

The Seven Lethal Sins undergo loads to defeat the Demon King, however their efforts are by no means acknowledged. Nonetheless branded as criminals, the Sins every discover their very own types of happiness. Nonetheless, nothing warms the guts like seeing Meliodas and Elizabeth find yourself collectively with out the interference of their lethal curses.

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The couple will get married and guidelines over Liones collectively. They’ve a son named Tristan who’s oblivious to their adventures, however that is superb by Meliodas. With the Holy Struggle lastly over, Meliodas and Elizabeth are keen to construct a life collectively and put the previous behind them. The anime’s romantic ending greater than makes up for his or her tragic starting as a pair.

2/10 Hyakkimaru Reunites With Dororo


Hyakkimaru in a golden rice field - Dororo

Hyakkimaru comes throughout Dororo as he hunts down the demons who stole his physique elements. The 2 turn into journey companions when the kid follows Hyakkimaru, and their bond deepens into friendship. Hyakkimaru desires revenge on his father greater than something, however he cares about Dororo simply as a lot. When his buddy is at risk, he does not hesitate to avoid wasting her.

Hyakkimaru finds his father and finally decides to let him dwell. Regardless of his father’s option to promote his soul to demons, Hyakkimaru has extra humanity than Lord Daigo ever anticipated. The sequence ends when he reunites with Dororo after the combat. Contemplating the anime’s darkish starting, the ending is surprisingly fulfilling.

1/10 Gon Meets His Dad

Hunter x Hunter

Gon and Ging in Hunter x Hunter.

There is no happier ending in a shonen anime than Hunter x Hunter‘s Gon lastly assembly his father. The younger hunter’s purpose from the start is to seek out Ging, and the final episode focuses on the 2 catching up with one another. Though there’s extra to Gon’s journey than looking for his dad, the second is heartwarming for the younger hero.

The 2 sit atop the World Tree and focus on their adventures as hunters. Gon realizes from their dialog that the tip of the journey isn’t as fulfilling because the time he spent along with his buddies alongside the way in which. Hunter x Hunter ends with Gon reaching his purpose and discovering that means in what it took to get there.

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