10 signs your relationship isn’t working and how to save it

5. You bicker about mundane things like what to have for dinner or the temperature of the room

Every relationship experiences silly arguments, but these usually end up being laughed off after an apology. But if your partner seems like they’re picking fights for the sake of it, it’s likely they’re angry about something else but not communicating it in a healthy way.

6. You start doing things specifically to annoy your partner

Score-keeping and pettiness for the sake of it can be a slippery slope in relationships. If one half of the couple is purposefully irritating the other, it sets an unhealthy precedent for the rest of their behaviour. 

7. You’re regularly going to bed at different times

Intimacy – be it physical, sexual or emotional – is so important to maintaining a connection within a relationship. But if you and your partner are like ships in the night (and more importantly, don’t seem fazed by it), it might be an indication that your relationship isn’t functioning as it should. Yes, life sometimes gets in the way, but if you’re not bothered by the lack of closeness, it’s likely the distance is taking more of a toll than you might realise.

8. You’re not willing to compromise – on anything

Even the most loved-up of pairings won’t agree on everything, from what colour to paint the living room or takeaway you order, to where you raise your children or move to later in life. If your partner says they want to do one thing and rather than compromise you insist on doing something else, you clearly have fundamentally different wants and values, which are near-impossible to navigate in the long-term.

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