2D Motion Sport Astlibra Revision Launches On PC

As somebody who grew up within the days when 2D was the one strategy to online game (other than Star Fox or one thing), it’s good to see a brand new sidescroller with some craft put into it. Astlibra Revision is a fairly new epic simply launched for PC from developer Keizo and writer WhisperGames.

Your anonymous protagonist hacks and slashes his method by means of dozens of environments in what Keizo estimates is over 60 hours of gameplay. Astlibra additionally has RPG parts like interchangeable armor, weapon crafting, and leveling. And when the primary sport is over, there’s nonetheless a lot extra to do with newly unlocked post-game story missions and additional upgrades.

The sport seems to be attractive with a number of lavish hand-painted artwork; developer Keizo says they employed one of many artists from Vanillaware (Odin Sphere, 13 Sentinels) to deal with the visuals.

  • Dive right into a Continually Increasing World: With over 60 hours of gameplay, awaken to a no man’s land because the protagonist goes on a quest to seek out the woman he met throughout his childhood.
  • From One Time Journey to the Subsequent: Discover quite a lot of areas that includes refined graphics by business veteran, Shigatake of Vanillaware
  • Journey Again to the Golden Age Of JRPGs: Hack and slash by means of numerous enemies, mixing up your methods to beat any foe.
  • Forge Your Character: Grasp a number of types of fight, from swords and bows, to magical talents. Craft weapons and armor and put on them all through fight to finally grasp them.
  • Vanquish Almighty Creatures: Face an ensemble of fierce and lethal god-like bosses, all with their very own distinctive challenges to beat.

Astlibra Revision is out now for Steam; you will get it at a ten% low cost through the first week.

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