2nd Annual Memorial Kickball Tournament raises $3.3K for scholarship fund

2nd Annual Kickball Tournament for Coach Troy Hardison Memorial Scholarship for Athletes | Photo by Josh Kelly

The second Annual Kickball Tournament in honor of late Coach Troy Hardison set off Saturday morning and they were able to raise $3,312, for the Memorial Scholarship for Athletes.

Connie Hardison, Troy’s wife, started the tournament last year as an effort to ensure her husband’s legacy after he passed on March 20, 2021.

Hardison taught across the county during his 27-year teaching career. Throughout his teaching years, he also was coaching — baseball at Trinity High School and basketball at Owensboro Middle School.

Through his competitiveness, he led OMS’ 7th Grade Basketball team to a 76-game win streak over 4 seasons and a program-high 25-win season.

In the first year, they were able to raise $4,000 in scholarship funds where $1,000 each was given to students at Trinity, Owensboro and Muhlenberg County High Schools and $500 to Cal Ripken Baseball Champions and Ke’Asha Phillips.

This year, Connie reached out to Thomas Vallandingham to help sponsor the day and Vallandingham jumped behind the cause.

“I, along with so many others, are beneficiaries of Coach Hardison’s sterling legacy. Even if my only connection to Coach Hardison was as a former student and player, that would be cause enough to support and sponsor the Coach Troy Hardison Memorial Scholarship for Athletes,” Vallandingham said.

After a day in the sun, the program raised $3,212 for the scholarship and recipients will be decided later.

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