3 Signs You Have “Relationship Anxiety” — And How Not To Spiral

Any relationship, regardless of who it is with, takes work.

Romantic relationships seem to take a bit more work than others because when you have strong feelings for someone, you’re always trying to put your best foot forward.

So, you do all the things: you talk about each other’s love language, you check in periodically to make sure the relationship is in a “good place”, and you do your best to make sure you’re available for your partner. 

You’re both doing all of the above and everything is going great! No pink flags, no red flags — all systems go! Then it happens: anxiety sets in.

And not just any anxiety but relationship anxiety. Maybe it starts with not getting that daily “good morning” call/text, and your brain starts to wander, eventually settling on the thought that you haven’t heard from them because overnight they lost interest in you.

Perhaps showing up late to an important date means they don’t care about what’s important to you, you’re dispensable, and they’re probably spending time with someone else.

Stepping out to take a phone call means cheating … and down the rabbit hole, you go.  

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But you don’t have to go there.

Relationship anxiety can be a relationship killer if left unchecked and can solidify all the negative thoughts spiraling down in your brain.

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