52 million years in the past, unusual primates lived in full darkness within the Arctic

The earliest recognized Arctic primates (genus Ignacius) lived via six months of polar winter on what’s now Canada’s Ellesmere Island. They possible noticed auroras, pictured right here. (Picture credit score: Kristen Miller/Biodiversity Institute, College of Kansas; (CC-BY 4.0))

About 52 million years in the past, when the Arctic was heat and swampy however nonetheless shrouded in six months of darkness throughout the polar winter, two small primates scampered round, utilizing their robust jaw muscle mass to chew the powerful vegetation that managed to outlive on the gloomy northern pole, a brand new research finds.

The 2 newfound primates — which belong to the already established primate genus Ignacius, and got the brand new species names of I. dawsonae and I. mckennai — have been small, weighing in at an estimated 5 kilos every (2 kilograms). They’re the earliest recognized instance of primates residing within the Arctic, based on a brand new research revealed Wednesday (Jan. 25) within the journal PLOS One (opens in new tab)

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