6 video games that had a huge effect on PC gaming, however are hardly ever celebrated at this time

For each entry on PC Gamer’s checklist of the 50 most essential PC video games, there are a dozen different less-celebrated trailblazers that do not get as a lot love as The Secret of Monkey Island or Doom or Deus Ex. The family tree of video games has all the time fascinated me: Tracing again complete genres to their evolutionary roots, discovering the place concepts turn into accepted, fell out of vogue or simply forgotten. Why are survival video games massively well-liked within the 2020s, when the survival video games of the ’90s have utterly light from reminiscence? Why did it take so lengthy for deckbuilders to turn into a success style, when Magic: the Gathering was doing it on PC 25 years in the past?

Right here’s a handful of video games that—whereas seldom thought of these days—have been massively influential on PC gaming as we all know it at this time. 

Star Management 2

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