8 Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

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Tower of Fantasy is the new star in the Free2Play MMO sky and inspires with an unusual game world and fun gameplay. However, newcomers can sometimes be overwhelmed with the various game systems at the beginning.

So that your entry into Tower of Fantasy is as pleasant as possible, we explain which mistakes you should definitely avoid in the anime MMO. Follow our hints and enjoy your game progress to the fullest!

Tower of Fantasy: Avoid mistakes, maximize fun

Mistake #1: Leveling Weapons

Don’t level too many weapons at once: Avoid leveling multiple weapons at the same time right at the beginning of the game. You need various resources to upgrade your weapons – and if you don’t want to spend real money, you’ll have to earn these resources in-game.

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So decide in advance on a maximum of three weapons that you want to level and focus on them. Limit yourself to SSR weapons that you will definitely want to use later in the game.

Mistake #2: Ignoring daily bounties

Remember to complete your daily bounty quests: you get new bounty quests every day that reward you with experience points and gold. Be sure to complete these tasks so you don’t miss out on these rewards.

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Mistake #3: Giving all Girls & Boys Gifts

Don’t send earned gifts to multiple simulacrum: Instead, focus on a single simulacrum (Character). It benefits you significantly more if you upgrade a character with gifts at the same time by improving your relationship with the simulacrum. Decide on the character that offers the best bonus for your style of play.

Mistake #4: Waste limited Currencies

Spend your Limited Currencies Wisely: It is important to avoid rash spending of rare currencies like Crystal Dust. Only buy equipment in exchange for crystal dust if the item in question is really an improvement for the slot in question – otherwise, it’s better to save the currency.

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The same goes for the black crystals. Only buy red hearts with this currency, otherwise, you will only get them very rarely. You can then spend the red hearts on limited banners to be able to draw rare characters.

Mistake #5: Leveling gear instead of gear slot

Only level gear slots: Both your slots for gear and the gear itself can be leveled, whereby you do not level the armor directly, but upgrade it in the star rating. The latter is only worthwhile if you find equipment of the highest rarity. If you upgrade inferior pieces of equipment, you waste resources that you could have used later for better items and their upgrade.

Mistake #6: Skipping food

Eat regularly: You can eat a variety of foods in Tower of Fantasy – and you should definitely do so. Because the various foods that your character can eat in the game sometimes give you powerful buffs that make life on Aida much easier.

Mistake #7: Getting rid of machine parts

Keep your machine parts: You can give machine parts to other players, but you should be careful if and when you do so. Because the rarer parts in particular are very valuable. You can use them to upgrade your vehicles and exchange them for Dark Crystals as part of quests. So when in doubt, keep machine parts to yourself.

Mistake #8: Wasting Life Force

Use your life force wisely: the life force solution refills daily. You can spend them on various activities. It’s most effective when you don’t use them for Joint Operations, instead investing in Dimensional Trials and Interstellar Exploration. In turn, you get valuable resources that you need to improve your character.

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Originally posted on August 17, 2022 @ 9:02 pm

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