Stadia developers still working on games shocked to hear of shutdown

Developers still hard at work on Google Stadia projects have been expressing their shock and frustration at the cloud gaming service’s impending shutdown. Google’s announcement yesterday that it would shutter Stadia completely in January 2023 came as a complete surprise, all have said – even those with upcoming projects set to arrive in … Read more

Boulder-based Scout Clean Energy acquired for $1B

Scout Clean Energy, a developer and asset manager of renewable energy, was acquired for $1 billion Thursday by New-York-based renewable investment firm Brookfield Renewables. Brookfield acquired Scout from Houston-based Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, which had purchased Scout for a $6 million initial investment as a startup in 2017. Quinbrook invested an additional $470 million into Scout … Read more

North Korea fires fourth ballistic missile in one week after Vice President Harris’ gaffe

North Korea fired its fourth ballistic missile in one week, following Vice President Kamala Harris making a mistake during her prepared remarks at the Korean Peninsula’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) The missile was fired into the East Sea on Saturday, South Korea’s military told Yonhap. It’s the fourth missile fired by North Korea in the past … Read more

This cool Metal Gear Solid throwback trades rocket launchers for sponge bullets

I knew Undetected (opens in new tab), a new indie stealth game from Mexican developer Antonio Freyre, and I were on the same page when a pencil-pushing, no-nonsense general immediately started on with a mission briefing over scenes of the hero, Tenoch Kaan, sneaking through the jungle to his deployment point. I’m not 30 seconds … Read more

COVID may have pushed a leading seasonal flu strain to extinction

Enlarge / A bottle of influenza vaccine at a CVS pharmacy and MinuteClinic on September 10, 2021, in Miami. The pandemic coronavirus’ debut wrought universal havoc—not even seasonal flu viruses were spared. Amid travel restrictions, quarantines, closures, physical distancing, masking, enhanced hand washing, and disinfection, the 2020-2021 flu season was all but canceled. That meant … Read more