Awesome: Amex “Apply With Confidence” Feature

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American Express seems to be rolling out a pretty awesome feature for card applications, which I think will put many at ease when applying for cards.

Know if you’re approved for Amex card without hard pull

American Express is progressively rolling out a new “Apply With Confidence” feature, whereby you’ll know if you’re approved for a card with no impact on your credit score.

The Amex “Apply With Confidence” feature

As it’s described, this is intended to create more transparency. Here’s how the process works:

  • You’ll first submit your card application, including sharing your personal details, and agreeing to the terms & conditions of the application
  • After submitting your application, you’ll get a decision, without a hard pull on your credit
  • After you’re approved for your application, there may be a hard pull that could have an impact your credit
The Amex “Apply With Confidence” feature

It seems that Amex started to roll out this feature within the past few months, but with lots of limitations, depending on the card type, browser you’re applying from, IP, etc. Personally I just saw this for the first time, while pulling up the application for the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card (review).

Now that I look at other Amex card applications as well, I’m noticing this feature on a majority of cards, which is awesome. Of course, “your mileage may vary,” as there seem to be a lot of factors going into this.

This is a smart and helpful initiative

The “Apply With Confidence” concept is a great idea that will put a lot of people at ease when applying for an American Express card. Interestingly this has been a consistent feature on the Apple Card since launch, as you’ve been able to know whether you’ll be approved without a hard pull.

In general I tend to think applying for Amex cards is probably the best process you’ll find with any issuer:

  • I appreciate Amex’s application pop-up feature, that tells you if you’re not eligible for the bonus on a card
  • Anecdotally I find Amex cards easiest to be approved for, whether a personal or business card, assuming you follow the standard application restrictions
  • If you’re an existing cardmember, I find that Amex often doesn’t even do a hard pull when you’re applying for a card, since the issuer often makes decision based on existing info on file

While I’d say this is a great development, personally I’ve never considered a hard pull from a credit card application (whether I get approved or denied) to be a huge deal. I know some people are worried that applying for a card will hurt their credit score — while you may be dinged a few points, that shouldn’t be a big issue in the scheme of how credit scores are calculated, at least assuming you have a great score. Furthermore, getting approved for cards can greatly help your credit score in the long run.

Lastly, there is one aspect of this that confuses me — what’s the point of a hard pull after being approved? I suppose the approval is on some level conditional and subject to change, if a hard pull reveals some major red flags, or what’s the point of the hard pull after making a decision?

Bottom line

Amex seems to be rolling out an “Apply With Confidence” feature, whereby you’ll get a decision on your card approval before there’s a hard pull to your credit. This is an awesome feature that will make many people more comfortable with applying for new cards. Between this and Amex’s pop-up feature, plus Amex’s generally easy card approval, Amex is my favorite issuer when it comes to the application process.

What do you make of this Amex feature? Have any OMAAT readers experienced this while applying?

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