Bless Unleashed Will Be Sunsetting On Consoles In November

It’s been a valiant effort on Bandai Namco’s part, but unfortunately, the console version of Bless Unleashed will soon be joining the lineup of Bless titles that have shut down.

Bless Unleashed was first released exclusively on Xbox One in 2020 as a reboot of the original Bless Online MMORPG that flopped miserably even before it launched in the west. The game launched on PlayStation 4 a few months later followed by a PC version the year after. The PC version isn’t doing too well either and was transferred to a different publisher by the end of the year. Since then, updates for the PC version have been virtually non-existent although there are currently plans to introduce blockchain and play-to-earn mechanics sometime in the future.

As for the console version, it will officially be closing its doors on November 30th as Bandai Namco’s publishing deal with Round 8 Studios comes to an end. “We’ve been publishing Bless Unleashed in partnership with Round8 since 2020, and we’ve enjoyed our time with our wonderful players,” said Bandai Namco. “Unfortunately, this time is coming to an end. Our agreement with Round8 has come to an end, and we will not be able to continue supporting the game. This was a hard decision for us, but we will be closing the servers at the end of November.”

Premium purchases have now been disabled and all items are now being sold for just 1 Lumena so you’ll be able to try out everything before the servers go dark. In-game events will also continue to run until the last minute while customer support will continue to be available until the end of the year. The good news is that the PC version will continue to operate as it awaits its impending blockchain integration.

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