10 Strongest Hidden Leaf Shinobi, Ranked

With the recent continuation of the Boruto manga, Naruto fans find themselves entertained by the sequel series. While Boruto has certainly introduced some new powerful shinobi, Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden both have had the pleasure of presenting some of the strongest shinobi of all time. The Hidden Leaf Village in particular has served as the … Read more

Lum and Ataru’s Parents Get Some Classic Voice Actors for New Urusei Yatsura TV Anime

  It’s time to meet the in-laws as voice actors for the parents of both Lum and Ataru were announced tonight for the upcoming Urusei Yatsura TV anime, with some returning voices to the franchise in the form of Lum and Ataru’s former 1980s voice actors! Alongside the reveal of the voice actors, the character profiles for each … Read more

‘Road of Naruto’ Trailer Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the Anime

Studio Pierrot and manga artist Masashi Kishimoto have crafted a special recap video celebrating the 20th anniversary of the popular Naruto series. The 10-minute video titled “Road of Naruto” features new illustrations and re-animated scenes revisiting the most iconic scenes from the 722-episode series. The trailer begins with the first fight between Naruto and Sasuke … Read more

Boruto Anime Episode 270 Release Date And Time, Reddit Spoilers, Story, Preview And Where To Watch Eng Ep Online

Episode 270 of the ongoing Japanese anime Boruto Naruto Next Generation will air soon, know more about the release date, time, spoilers, and streaming details here In the previous episode, Kawaki inquires Hana about any recollection of the attacker as she is healing in the infirmary. She states that because of her wounds, her memories … Read more