5 Signs You Are Getting Emotionally Distanced From Your Partner

Last Updated: September 09, 2022, 12:43 IST When your partner does not encourage you like he or she used to do, things start getting very difficult. Not spending quality time can make you emotionally distant from your partner. Whenever you are in a relationship with someone, you expect honesty and loyalty from your partner. In … Read more

Separation Anxiety In Your Child: A Doctor Tells Signs, Causes And Ways To Cope

Watch out for the symptoms of Separation Anxiety Disorder. If you feel that your child could be having SAD, speak to a medical professional. Written by Editorial Team | Updated : September 9, 2022 11:44 AM IST The mere thought of getting separated from your little baby tugs at your heartstrings and pains you. The … Read more

Swine flu: Warning signs and symptoms, treatments, key precautions to avoid H1N1 | Health

H1N1 is simply one of the strains of the influenza virus, that causes H1N1 flu, also commonly called “swine flu” as it was originally found in pigs. The virus is quite contagious and spreads between humans quickly and effectively, causing symptoms similar to those of the regular human flu. Symptoms and warning signs: In an … Read more

7 signs your computer might have malware

Malware – it’s a loaded word that strikes fear into both luddites and hardened techies. From spyware and unwanted adware to software that’s solely designed to make your day a little less pleasant, there’s a wide range of malware floating around the web, waiting to be downloaded by an unwitting victim. Thankfully, as protective antivirus … Read more

Post-Polio Syndrome: Symptoms, Treatment, and Outlook

Poliomyelitis (“polio”) is a severe and potentially life threatening condition caused by the poliovirus. If you had a polio infection as a child and have since recovered, it’s still possible to develop a complication called post-polio syndrome (PPS). One of the most significant effects of PPS is permanent muscle wasting, which can affect your mobility. … Read more

Help, I’ve been Dutchified! 7 signs you’ve been living in the Netherlands for too long

It’s an unavoidable inevitability when living abroad, away from your own culture and language: after a certain amount of time, you realise you’ve started to adopt some habits and customs from your new country. Or perhaps – even worse – you don’t realise you’ve changed until you finally go back to visit family and friends … Read more

Greece signs deal to recover 161 ancient artifacts from US billionaire

Greece has ratified a complex deal for the return, over coming decades, of 161 striking ancient Greek artifacts from a US billionaire’s collection after Athens conceded it had no evidence they’d been illegally excavated and exported. The mostly marble works date from 5300-2200 BC, and the bulk of them are from … Read more

‘We mourn for all of you’: Biden signs British Embassy’s book of condolence for the Queen

President Joe Biden and the first lady visited the British Embassy on Thursday evening to sign a book of condolence for Queen Elizabeth II, hours after Buckingham Palace announced the death of the long-serving British monarch.  ‘We mourn for all of you,’ said Biden after the signing, with first lady Jill at his side. ‘She was … Read more

News Anchor’s Stroke on Live TV a Reminder: Know the Signs

Sept. 8, 2022 – Television news anchor Julie Chin is recovering after experiencing stroke-like symptoms live on air earlier this month. Chin, an anchor for NBC local news affiliate KRJH in Tulsa, OK, was reporting on the NASA Artemis I launch when she suddenly had trouble talking or reading words off the teleprompter. Thanks to … Read more