Why wild beavers need a dam good plan to accelerate their return from extinction in England

Gone for centuries from England after being hunted to extinction, beavers are starting to make a comeback in the wild, but experts are warning more needs to be done. Today marks an important stage in the reintroduction of the river-dwelling rodents, as the beaver gains an official recognition as a native species in England and … Read more

Why Teva Stock Shot More Than 3% Higher Today

What happened Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA 3.20%) stock closed the trading week in style, rising by over 3% on a bleak and bearish day for the wider market. Investors were cheered by a legal settlement the generic drugs specialist reached in a case in Georgia.  So what Teva Pharmaceuticals, the company’s key subsidiary, has reached … Read more

Stock-market turnaround? Why October is known as a ‘bear killer’.

While September lived up to its reputation as a brutal month for stocks, October tends to be a “bear-market killer”, known for its historically strong returns, especially during midterm election years. Skeptics, however, are warning investors that negative economic fundamentals could overwhelm seasonal trends as what’s traditionally the roughest period for equities comes to an end. … Read more

Why Psychological Safety Matters in Class

Psychological safety: it’s a term that can make a huge difference when it comes to teaching and learning, especially when trying to work in groups. But it’s also a term that some have never heard of. What exactly is psychological safety, and why does it matter in schools? This is partly what educators from Harvard … Read more

God’s Creatures is a film on why rapists are protected. Its makers are asking why distributors won’t pick it up | Movies

Whatever water we are born in is the one we must swim through. Most of us remain submerged and do what we can to simply keep swimming, but sometimes we surface. And sometimes we drown. In God’s Creatures we get to sink and soar through the waters of one Irish fishing village and its moment … Read more

Why a 2021 F1 tactic means Verstappen is unconcerned by Red Bull’s poor practice

Carlos Sainz and Ferrari led the way in the only practice session that really matters for Formula 1’s returning Singapore Grand Prix, while Red Bull was off the pace and lacking laps. But, as we’ll explain, the Marina Bay track’s nature negates these issues for Max Verstappen’s squad and the Dutchman himself is unconcerned. The … Read more

Why OBR forecast is being held back until Kwarteng’s next fiscal plan | Office for Budget Responsibility

The message the government wanted to get out was clear. After less than a month as prime minister, Liz Truss had converted from vocal scourge of Treasury orthodoxy to an active supporter. Given the fallout in financial markets after the not-so-mini-budget, Truss and her chancellor laid on a heavily stage-managed meeting on Friday with officials … Read more

Nord Stream gas ‘sabotage’: who’s being blamed and why?

WARSAW, Sept 30 (Reuters) – Major leaks that suddenly erupted in the Nord Stream gas pipelines that run from Russia to Europe under the Baltic Sea have generated plenty of theories but few clear answers about who or what caused the damage. Here is what we know and what has been said so far: WHO … Read more