Opioid addiction treatment is collateral damage in online prescription backlash

Pandemic-era rules around telemedicine have been a huge boost to efforts to prevent opioid overdoses in the US. But those rules are also how controversial startup companies like Cerebral were able to prescribe Adderall and Xanax to huge numbers of people — and efforts to stem that flood of prescriptions could sweep away overdose prevention … Read more

Brighton monkeypox vaccine: Jabs run out in city a week after Pride weekend

Monkeypox vaccines have almost run out in Brighton less than a week after the city welcomed hundreds of thousands of revellers for Pride celebrations. The local rollout of the modified smallpox jab has been paused until further stocks have arrived — but that might not be for another month. Only people with existing appointments will … Read more

Testosterone Promotes ‘Cuddling,’ Not Just Aggression

Summary: While more commonly associated with promoting aggressive behaviors, testosterone can also promote social affection and prosocial behaviors in males, a new study on gerbils finds. Source: Emory University Testosterone can foster friendly, prosocial behavior in males, a new animal study finds. The Proceedings of the Royal Society B published the research on Mongolian gerbils conducted by … Read more

Cornea implant made from PIG’S SKIN restores sight in 20 visually-impaired people in promising trial

A corneal implant created from pig’s skin has successfully restored the sight in 20 blind or visually-impaired people as part of a promising trial.   The implant is made from collagen protein from the animal, and resembles the human cornea – the transparent part of the eye that covers the iris and pupil. Scientists at Linkoping University … Read more

Pancreatic cancer symptoms: Terminally ill father misdiagnosed as coeliac reveals back pain is sign of pancreatic cancer

A seemingly healthy father-of-three recently diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer has warned of the everyday symptoms everyone should know about. Business development manager Mark Ryan, 37, first felt something was wrong when he started to experience abdominal and back pain in January. He said: “Earlier this year, I started to suffer with severe abdominal and back … Read more