The simple five point plan to help you avoid avoid prediabetes

A diagnosis of prediabetes can come as a shock, particularly if you haven’t ever considered you might need to lose weight. But it also presents you with an opportunity. It is not inevitable that everyone with prediabetes will go on to develop type 2 diabetes – the evidence overwhelmingly proves that by making diet tweaks, … Read more

Antibiotic Treatments May Make Us More Susceptible to Negative Emotions

Summary: Recent antibiotic use impacts the way in which people pay attention to negative facial expressions. Findings shed light on how antibiotic use can increase the risks of depression. Source: Lieden University People who have taken antibiotics in the past three months pay more attention to negative facial expressions, according to research by postdoc Katerina … Read more

Brain changes linked to decreased anxiety following attention bias modification training

A new study has identified neuroplastic changes in brain structure that accompany attention bias modification training in highly anxious individuals. The findings, which appear in the journal Biological Psychology, shed light on the mechanisms underlying the efficacy of the treatment. Research has demonstrated that the brain prioritizes threating information over non-threatening information. But in highly … Read more