Scatter Your Sushi – The New York Times

Good morning. I love Kay Chun’s recipe for sesame salmon bowls (above), inspired by the sushi dish known as chirashi, which comes from the Japanese word for “scattered.” It’s fast and flavorful. You make a version of sushi rice, the grains cooked in water and vinegar, then steam salmon on top and serve it with … Read more

Researchers decipher mystery ingredients in ancient Chinese recipes for bronze

The 2,300-year-old Kaogong Ji is the oldest technical encyclopedia in the world. The book contains designs and instructions on how to make several highly advanced tools for the time, such as metal drums, chariots and weapons. It also has ambiguous recipes for casting bronze, whose ingredients have puzzled researchers for years. Now, they were able … Read more

8 Innovative and Delicious Vegan Banana Split Recipes

The banana split is a classic American dessert that primarily includes a cut-in-half banana, ice cream, fudge sauce, and whipped cream. The popularity of this special treat has led some to create cakes, pies, oatmeals, and other interesting variations that utilize the original flavors. Here are 8 banana split recipes that are sure to satisfy … Read more

Raksha Bandhan 2022: Treat Your Siblings With This Quick And Easy Badam Ki Phirni Recipe

The auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan is almost here. It is an occasion that celebrates the special bond shared between a brother and sister. During this festival, sisters tie rakhi (a sacred thread) around their brother’s right wrist as a symbol of love and protection. And just like all other Indian festivals, this too is … Read more

How to make focaccia – recipe | Food

I have vivid memories of my first encounters with focaccia. It popped up in British supermarkets in the late 1990s, oozing delicious olive oil and usually stuffed with other very trendy things such as sun-dried tomato and black olives. These days, I realise those dry, cakey versions were but pale imitations of this Ligurian classic, … Read more

Chicken Dosa, Egg Dosa And More: 5 Yummy Non-Veg Dosa Recipes To Try

South Indian food cannot be mentioned without talking about dosa. One can even say that dosa is the heart and soul of this cuisine. We find it in restaurants, cafes and street side stalls, and many of us even make it at home. However, we all generally choose between plain dosa or masala dosa. And … Read more