NASA Shares Stunning Picture Of Solar Flare, Explains Its Impact On Earth

NASA classified the October 2 solar flare as an “X1 Flare”. American space agency NASA on Sunday captured the moment the Sun emitted a powerful burst of energy into space. Taking to Instagram, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration informed that a “strong solar flare” erupted from the Sun on October 2, and NASA’s Solar … Read more

Ancient chemistry may explain why living things use ATP as the universal energy currency

Molecular dynamic simulation of ADP and acetyl phosphate. Credit: Aaron Halpern, UCL (CC-BY 4.0, A simple two-carbon compound may have been a crucial player in the evolution of metabolism before the advent of cells, according to a new study published October 4 in the open access journal PLOS Biology, by Nick Lane and colleagues … Read more

Earth’s next supercontinent Amasia will form around the North Pole in 300 million years

A new model predicts the Pacific Ocean will disappear 300 million years from now, bringing the continents together to form a new supercontinent called Amasia located around the North Pole. The simulation was conducted by a team of researchers led by Australia’s Curtin University, which highlights the fact that the Pacific Ocean is the oldest … Read more

NASA’s DART asteroid impact test left a trail over 6,000 miles long

NASA’s successful asteroid impact test created a beautiful mess, apparently. As the Associated Press reports, astronomers using the Southern Astrophysical Research (SOAR) Telescope in Chile have captured an image revealing that DART’s collision with Dimorphos left a trail of dust and other debris measuring over 6,000 miles long. The spacecraft wasn’t solely responsible — rather, … Read more