Firefighters from all over Europe battle ‘monster’ blaze in France as others burn in Portugal, Germany and Spain | World News

Firefighters from all over Europe have been deployed to help battle the “monster” wildfire in southwest France for a third day in a row – as others burn throughout the continent. The blaze in the Gironde and Landes regions has damaged 29 square miles of land – around 7,000 hectares. At least 10,000 people have … Read more

The tyranny of Justin Trudeau has finally been exposed

On August 13, 2021, two days before Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau called a federal election, his government made a major announcement that “as early as at the end of September” federal government employees would be subject to a vaccine mandate. Further: “no later than the end of October” a vaccine mandate for travellers would … Read more

Can Biden’s climate bill undo the fossil fuel industry’s decades of harm? | Climate crisis

The scientists’ warning to the US president on climate crisis was stark: the world’s countries were conducting a vast, dangerous experiment through their enormous release of planet-heating emissions, which threaten to be “deleterious from the point of view of human beings”. Some sort of remedial action was needed, they urged. This official alert was issued … Read more

Beachgoer, 63, dies after being impaled by beach umbrella when strong winds drove it into her chest

A beachgoer has died after she was impaled by a loose beach umbrella in front of her horrified friends during high winds in South Carolina.  In a freak accident, strong winds lifted the umbrella out of the sand at Garden City beach on Wednesday at 12.40pm and drove it into Tammy Perreault’s chest, said Horry … Read more

EU countries rush to help France tackle ‘monstrous’ wildfires | France

Hundreds of firefighters from across the EU have been rushed to France to help battle wildfires in an unprecedented show of international solidarity. Most are stationed along a 26 mile (40km) active fire-front in the south-west, where a blaze described as “monstrous” continued to devastate pine forests. German firefighters and their vehicles arrived in the … Read more

Trump lawyer who insists nuclear allegation is scaremongering admits on Fox News she’s not spoken to Trump and does not know

Donald Trump’s attorney Christina Bobb strongly denied that there were secret nuclear documents at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday, before admitting that she has not spoken directly to the former president about the issue. Ms Bobb blasted attorney general Merrick Garland for his press conference on the FBI’s raid of Mr Trump’s Florida residence, and subsequent reports … Read more