Community Days in Pokémon Go 2022 schedule

Pokémon Go hosts a Community Day every month (with some exceptions). Each Community Day features a specific Pokémon, increasing its spawn rate and allowing players to find it Shiny easily. Our Pokémon Go Community Day schedule lists out past and future Community Days in 2022, the featured Pokémon, and the special moves they learn.

Below, we list all of the announced Pokémon Go Community Days, along with the featured Pokémon and the special event-exclusive move they learn.

Niantic may announce dates ahead of time without saying what Pokémon will be featured, and those dates are noted below.

Based on previous patterns, we’ve had one Community Day a month, with December getting a full Community Weekend that features all of the previous Community Day Pokémon from the past year.

In January, we also had a second Community Day, labeled as a “Community Day Classic” featuring Bulbasaur, who was originally a featured Pokémon in 2018. We later got a Mudkip Community Day Classic in April, so it does seem like these classic days will continue. The pattern of how often we will get them is unknown.

Pokémon Go 2022 Community Day schedule

Date Community Day Special move
Date Community Day Special move
Jan. 16 Spheal Powder Snow and Icicle Spear
Jan. 22 Bulbasaur (Community Day Classic) Frenzy Plant
Feb. 12 Hoppip Acrobatics
Mar. 13 Sandshrew and Alolan Sandrew Nightslash (Sandshrew) and Shadow Claw (Alolan Sandslash)
April 10 Mudkip (Community Day Classic) Hydro Cannon
April 23 Stufful Drain Punch
May 21 Alolan Geodude Rollout
June 25 Deino Brutal Swing
July 17 Starly Gust
August 13 TBA TBA
September TBA TBA
November TBA TBA
December TBA TBA

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