Cruise ship passenger discovers what upside down pineapple signs on doors mean

People have been left in stitches after a TikToker didn’t know what the ‘little cute pineapple’ signs on cruise travellers’ doors meant.

Question is, will you be as puzzled by this view as she was?

Indeed, my innocent mind would probably have guessed the upside down pineapple signs stuck on the doors of people’s cabins had something to do with Spongebob SquarePants, infamous for living in a pineapple under the sea.

However, the naive and unsuspecting mind clearly doesn’t belong on an adults only cruise.

And little did Blogionista Travels suspect just how far above PG her experience would be.

The TikToker was on her first adults only Virgin Voyage cruise. Credit: @blogionistatravels/ TikTok
The TikToker was on her first adults only Virgin Voyage cruise. Credit: @blogionistatravels/ TikTok

Blogionista Travels has used her platform to document her experience onboard her very first cruise ship.

While she’s given her followers a helpful insight into the interior of the ship and the sightseeing which can be done from onboard, little did she know how varied the ‘on boat activities’ could truly get.

In one of her updates, the TikToker shared a video walking down the hall past people’s cabins, noting ‘everyone has these little cute pineapples on their door’.

Blogionista Travels asked her followers what the 'little cute pineapples' were. Credit: @blogionistatravels/ TikTok
Blogionista Travels asked her followers what the ‘little cute pineapples’ were. Credit: @blogionistatravels/ TikTok

However, her followers were quick to let her in on the not-so-secret secret.

“It means, drop-ins are most welcome…and bring friends,” one said.

Another wrote: “Ohhh noo noo noo no no.”

A third was much more on my wavelength. They said: “It’s just ‘Lives in a pineapple under the tree’ theme.”

A final commented: “They want to be friends. Good friends.”

Basically, if you hadn’t got it already, the pineapples are a symbol used by swinger parties to identify each other.

As soon as Blogionista realised the pineapple stickers are basically a question of whether, as one user put it, she ‘like[s] Pina coladas and getting tag teamed in the rain?!’ she made a follow-up video.

Replying to the user who commented, ‘Ohhh noo noo noo no no’, and using the original footage, she joked: “When it’s your first cruise and you meet a nice couple onboard that invites you to their cabin for drinks.”

Blogionista admitted in the comments she had ‘only just discovered what [the pineapple’s] mean’.

“Lmao my mom and her husband didn’t know about this and they wore pineapple shirts on their cruise. my mom was (and is still) mortified,” another user wrote.

While Blogionista may have been embarrassed to realise just what the ‘little cute pineapples’ were, at least she didn’t make the mistake another TikTok user did and get the symbol tattooed on herself without realising its true meaning.

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