DON’T MISS IT: Cambridge Scholarship

> The Cambridge University Malaysia Society (CUMaS) CaM-Bridging Fund is calling for applicants.

> CUMaS, which organises outreach events to guide Malaysians aspiring to study in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, is a non-profit student organisation in Cambridge that serves as a platform for Malaysians studying there to socialise and have a sense of home in a foreign country.

> Its CaM-Bridging Fund aims to sponsor the application fees of selected low-income students who are applying to the University of Cambridge.

> Unlike other UK universities, Cambridge requires an additional application step: the Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ), which makes the total application fees more expensive than those for other institutions. The application fees alone can amount to almost RM500, which may discourage many from applying.

> Besides providing financial aid, successful applicants will be paired with a mentor, who is a current student at the University of Cambridge, and will receive personalised help (such as personal statement review and admissions test guidance).

> Those selected will also receive one-to-one mentorship from Malaysians currently studying the subjects at the University of Cambridge.

> The selection criteria are as follows: An annual household income of below RM100,000; academic ability to achieve the minimum entry requirement for their chosen subjects; and a genuine passion for the chosen subject.

> Application form:

Details: Email [email protected]

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