Dying Light 2 update adds fan-requested feature from the original Dying Light

It’s not unusual for game sequels to disappoint fans of the original by leaving out beloved features. Dying Light 2 was no exception: While the open world zombie sandbox got plenty of good reviews (including mine) and a mostly positive response from fans, there were complaints about the lack of zombie ragdolling and weapon repair systems sported in the original.

Also: there was no X-ray. In the original Dying Light, if you stunned a zombie with an attack there’d be a moment of time-slowdown and you’d see the zed’s skeleton through their bodies. Y’know, like an X-ray. If you followed up with another attack you could see the zombie’s bone’s shatter and break inside their infected bodies. It’s a bit reminiscent of Sniper Elite’s brutally gory kills where you can see bones (and other NSFW stuff) being splintered in slow motion as a bullet passes through them.

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