Elon Musk Hires PlayStation 3 Jailbreak Hacker To Repair Twitter

Elon Musk holding a microphone.

Photograph: Carina Johansen (Getty Photographs)

George Hotz is greatest identified for jailbreaking the iPhone’s carrier-lock and hacking the PlayStation 3. Now Elon Musk has set him on his most momentous technical problem: Fixing Twitter in three months. Okay, not all of it. He was employed to repair Twitter’s currently-broken search function.

Musk beforehand tried to rent the hacker for Tesla, however that they had a falling out over the phrases of employment. Hotz later based Comma AI, an organization that developed a competing software program towards Tesla’s autopilot AI. Musk then beefed with him in 2015 over whether or not a single particular person or a small firm (like Comma AI) “that lacks in depth engineering validation functionality” would be capable to create autonomous driving software program that can be utilized in actual vehicles. Again then, he clearly didn’t assume that an upstart like Hotz might unseat a serious business big like Tesla, however evidently Musk has undergone a big change of coronary heart since. He’s now employed Hotz to repair one thing that ought to in all probability take a complete engineering staff. Character progress: We like to see it.

It began when Hotz praised Musk for letting go anybody who didn’t wish to work at a “hardcore” Twitter. One Twitter person pointed out that he was advocating for indentured servitude, and Hotz responded by offering to indenture himself for nothing however price of dwelling bills in San Francisco. Musk expressed interest in what might be the most cost effective engineering assist he might ever get, and the remaining is historical past. Kotaku reached out to Hotz to ask why he didn’t ask for a full time place, however didn’t obtain a response by the point of publication.

Hotz has large plans for his 12 weeks at Twitter. He needs to do away with the login popup that exhibits for those who’ve been scrolling for too lengthy. He needs to enhance the relevancy of search outcomes. No matter whether or not or not he succeeds, Hotz has already confirmed one factor for sure: He’s the most important sucker within the tech world.

There’s already indicators that Hotz won’t be capable to exchange a complete staff in spite of everything. Hotz is at present a primary character on tech Twitter for making an attempt to solicit engineers for free help. As some have identified, it’s not search for one of many largest tech corporations in Silicon Valley to ask for volunteer labor, particularly after Musk fired a number of full-time engineers who might need been capable of assist him with this challenge. Kotaku reached out to ask Twitter whether or not or not Hotz was changing not too long ago laid off engineers, however didn’t obtain a response by the point of publication.

On the very least, Hotz follows within the Silicon Valley custom of making an attempt to make things better that the typical person doesn’t care about. “If I simply do away with the pop up I nonetheless think about my internship a win,” Hotz tweeted. “I’ve a Chrome extension on my laptop computer to dam it.”

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