Everything You Need To Know About Daily Adventure Incense In Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go continues to encourage and reward you for adventuring while using the app. Daily Adventure Incense, one of the latest features added to the game, contributes to this motivation greatly. It gives you extra resources and incentive to go out into the world while playing Pokemon Go.

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This new type of Incense functions similarly to those already in the game, attracting Pokemon to your location for a set amount of time. What makes this item different is its ability to be activated on a daily basis; unlike the others that are only a one-time-use. For all details and information regarding this new item – we’ve got you covered.


What Is Daily Adventure Incense?

As mentioned previously, this item functions as a variation of other Incense already in the game. The Daily Adventure Incense may attract Pokemon that are not regularly found in the wild; proving to be an effective way to encounter Pokemon that are otherwise rare in your specific location. This will last for 15 minutes, and will only function if you are moving around. As its name implies, you may activate and use this once a day.

How To Activate Daily Adventure Incense

You will find your Daily Adventure Incense in your Item Bag; activated just like any other incense. You cannot do this while another Incense is active, and also cannot activate another Incense while using your Daily Adventure Incense.

You will need to complete new Special Research centered around Daily Adventure Incense before you gain access to this new item.

After it has been used, this item will be removed from your Item Bag, reappearing again the following day. Additionally, this item will not count toward your total item limit; allowing you to obtain and use this item even when your inventory is full.

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What Else Do You Get?

To make sure that all players are enjoying and using Daily Adventure Incense to their fullest, Pokemon Go is offering free Poke Balls to those who need them. If you’ve got 30 or fewer Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls, you will be given 30 Poke Balls upon activating your Daily Adventure Incense.

This added bonus allows for you to always make the most of your Daily Adventure Incense; ensuring that you can explore and catch new Pokemon when using this item.

Sharing Your Adventure

If you catch any Pokemon during the 15 minutes that your Daily Adventure Incense is active, you will be given the option to share your adventure afterward. This can easily be shared on Social Media, showcasing the different Pokemon that you caught during your travels.

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