Exclusive Magic: The Gathering Unfinity card reveal: Opening Ceremony

Unfinity (opens in new tab) is the next un-set—a collection of unusual and unbalanced cards designed for non-competitive play—coming to Magic: The Gathering. It’s themed around a retro sci-fi take on carnivals and circuses called Myra the Magnificent’s Intergalactic Astrotorium of Fun, a traveling amusement park made of interconnected spaceships.

Traditionally un-sets contain cards that bend or outright break the normal rules of Magic and fair play, or break the fourth wall to interact with players. The first un-set, 1998’s Unglued, included a card called Prismatic Wardrobe that could destroy any other card as long as it didn’t share a color with the clothes being worn by its controller. Unglued also gave us I’m Rubber, You’re Glue, which let you retarget a spell or ability at the cost of having to speak in rhyme from then on.

The card from Unfinity PC Gamer is revealing, Opening Ceremony, isn’t quite so bizarre or likely to get you slapped in the face. 

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

A six-mana red sorcery, Opening Ceremony gives you one mana of every color, including colorless, then lets you open a booster pack of new Magic cards, which you can cast any of until the end of the current turn. Unfinity is designed with drafts in mind (though it’s the first un-set to also be available in Collector boosters, which will contain 100% foil cards), so it’s fair to assume you’ll have an unopened booster pack nearby when you play it. Hope you draw something good!

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