F1 British Grand Prix LIVE result: Carlos Sainz leads as Lewis Hamilton makes late push at Silverstone

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Carlos Sainz edged out Max Verstappen to claim the first pole position of his Formula One career for today’s British Grand Prix.

In the rain at Silverstone on Saturday, Ferrari’s Sainz excelled to see off world champion Verstappen by just 0.072 seconds with Charles Leclerc third in the other scarlet car.

Sergio Perez qualified fourth, with Lewis Hamilton a full second back in fifth – one spot ahead of compatriot Lando Norris who took sixth for McLaren. Hamilton’s team-mate at Mercedes George Russell finished eighth.

“Thanks everyone for staying out there in this rain,” said Sainz. “Spaniards struggle with the rain, but you guys are used to it. I put together a lap, I did not think it was something special, but it was pole position and that came as a bit of a surprise. The pace has been there all weekend, but if I base myself on my practice pace, we should be in a good position to hold on to first.

Follow all the reaction after a dramatic British Grand Prix at Silverstone:


Lewis Hamilton:

“I’ve really got to give it up to this crowd, thank you to everybody for the incredible support. We don’t see this around the world. I gave it everything today, I was trying to chase down those Ferraris. We’ve got to keep pushing!”

“We lost time in the pit stop and then I was chasing. The end there was difficult with a Red Bull behind them. This is a huge bonus for us to be on the podium. I’m glad everyone was safe with the big crash earlier in the day.”

Kieran Jackson3 July 2022 17:32


Sergio Perez:

“It was a great comeback, we didn’t give up. The opportuntiy came at the end and we took it, it was a great fight with Charles and then with Lewis. It was an epic final laps…”

Kieran Jackson3 July 2022 17:30


Carlos Sainz, in his post-race press conference:

“I don’t know what to say! It’s amazing! First race win, 150 later, with Ferrari in Silverstone! It’s a very special day that I will never forget!

“It was not easy, I struggled with the balance with medium tyre. I stayed believing that I needed to stay in the race. You can imagine the nerves of that safety car restart to get it right.

“I thank all of them, Silverstone has been a special place for me. It’s a special place for me and I thank the whole crowd for being part of it and cheering me on!”

Kieran Jackson3 July 2022 17:29


British Grand Prix 2022: Sainz, Perez, Hamilton


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Jack Rathborn3 July 2022 17:26


An absolute thriller at Silverstone!

What a staggeringly brilliant and entertaining race – it quite simply had everything!

Kieran Jackson3 July 2022 17:25


Lewis Hamilton also picked up the extra point for fastest lap!

Oh but it could have been so much more!

If it wasn’t for that safety car, which really halted his momentum…

Sainz, meanwhile: “You cannot imagine how it feels!”

Kieran Jackson3 July 2022 17:24



In his 150th race, Carlos Sainz is a winner in Formula 1!

Sergio Perez is in second, Lewis Hamilton third.

Sainz can barely believe it!

Behind the front three: Leclerc, Alonso, Norris, Verstappen, Schumacher, Vettel, Magnussen

Kieran Jackson3 July 2022 17:21


LAP 52/52: Sainz, Perez, Hamilton, Leclerc, Alonso, Norris

Carlos Sainz has a four-second lead to Perez, who is three seconds ahead of Hamilton in third.

The big battle taking place now? Schumacher all over Verstappen for seventh…

Kieran Jackson3 July 2022 17:21


LAP 50/52: Sainz, Perez, Hamilton, Leclerc, Alonso, Norris

Three laps left and there’s now a little bit of space between the front of the field.

Sainz is 3 seconds ahead of Perez, who is 1.9 seconds ahead of Hamilton.

Alonso though is right on Leclerc’s tail, with DRS…

Try predicting the next move…

Meanwhile, Mick Schumacher in ninth – for what would be his first points in F1 – is right on the back of Max Verstappen. He may well play it safe..

Kieran Jackson3 July 2022 17:18


LAP 49/52: Sainz, Perez, Hamilton, Leclerc, Alonso, Norris

Hamilton does finally keep his place ahead of Leclerc, overtaking down the Hangar Straight!

Leclerc is in trouble behind from Alonso and Norris – and meanwhile Hamilton now has his sights set on Perez ahead, just over a second behind.

Kieran Jackson3 July 2022 17:16

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