Fallout New Vegas in Unreal Engine 5 Too Good to be Real

Fallout New Vegas is more than just a spin-off of Fallout for RPG fans. Although Obsidian and Bethesda are too busy to work on a Fallout New Vegas remake these days, at least you may want to look over a fantastic concept game trailer made by fans with Unreal Engine 5. When the game was released in 2010, it quickly became one of the most acclaimed RPGs. Even after 12 years, the game still receives new DLC-sized mods and expansions from the gaming community.

Is This the Fallout New Vegas Remake Fans Want?

Fallout New Vegas set in a wholly gutted California due to the nuclear apocalypse was released in 2010, and (at least for now) it does not appear that the publisher and developer are willing to develop a remake. However, a concept created by the TeaserPlay YouTube channel revealed how a possible remake would look. The YouTuber remade Fallout New Vegas using graphics packs available online but implementing all the technical features of the UE5 – these include support for ray tracing and Lumen technology. You can look at the final result as a concept game trailer.

This concept, prepared with Unreal Engine 5, allowed us to look at the world of Fallout and at least gave an idea about the new New Vegas. The trailer illustrates the New Vegas map and its mutated creatures using UE5. It also features a remake of the protagonist, The Courier.

The New Vegas remake will never arrive recently, but we are sure the Fallout franchise will continue. After Starfield and Skyrim’s successor, The Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda intends to develop the fifth title of the series. In addition, Obsidian has been working on a shooter fighting game called Avowed recently. Also, we know that Bethesda is making a space adventure called Starfield. While Bethesda and Obsidian operate under Microsoft (or Xbox), we haven’t seen any new Fallout remakes yet.

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