How to Complete the Make a New Friend Challenge

Want to know how to complete the Make a New Friend Challenge in Pokemon Go? To complete the “Make a New Friend” quest, add a new player to your friend’s list in the game. This challenge will not be difficult for an experienced Pokemon Go player, as there are many different ways to add a new friend to the game. You can make a friend via Facebook, send a friend invitation by phone number, or enter the player’s code in the search bar to add him to your friend’s list. Despite this, some players are having trouble completing this quest. Our today’s guide aims to help you, tell you how to complete the challenge, and solve all the problems arising in the process.

How to Complete the Make a New Friend Challenge in Pokemon Go

Everyone may have different reasons why not be able to complete the challenge. Some people don’t have in-game friends, while others get a system error.

If you don’t have any friends but want to complete the Make a New Friend challenge in Pokemon Go, there are a few things you can do to help:

  • Create a Facebook page and find Pokemon Go-themed channels. After that, invite as many people from these channels as Facebook friends as possible. Many players will accept the invitation, and you can add them as Pokemon Go friends via Facebook.
  • Also, players often leave their character codes to find friends in Facebook groups or other social networks. Using the codes, invite as many players as friends as possible. So far, this method is the most effective of all.


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But what if you added a player to your friend’s list, but the quest didn’t complete? In this case, a system error has occurred in the game, and there is no way you can fix it. The only correct solution is to write about the problem to the support service. Tell the developers about the problem in detail and wait for them to solve it for you. Within 24 hours, the problem will disappear, and you will complete the quest.

But this method will not help if you play in one of the countries where the game is officially unavailable. By writing to the developers, you can only hope they will solve this problem. Otherwise, you will have to put up with the fact that you will not be able to complete this task or wait until the problem resolves itself.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

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