In Bobby Flay’s Career, One Recipe Stands Above The Rest

The answer, according to an interview Bobby Flay gave “Good Morning America,” goes back to his first restaurant. “I have a dish at Mesa Grill, my first restaurant that I owned and there’s still one in Las Vegas here at Caesars Palace,” Flay explained when asked about his favorite dish he has ever cooked. “The shrimp and roasted garlic tamale. It’s the most signature dish that I have.” And while that particular location has since been replaced by another Flay concept (Amalfi, a restaurant inspired by Flay’s time in the Mediterranean), his favorite recipe remains. In fact, when he cooked the shrimp and roasted garlic tamale for the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen in 2009, the excitement of cooking his “signature dish” was obvious as he turned corn husks, masa, and a whole lot of butter into a Southwestern seafood extravaganza. “This is my favorite part,” he says gleefully when the time comes to taste the dish.

For someone who got his start in Southwest cuisine, the shrimp and roasted garlic tamale make so much sense for Flay’s favorite recipe. It’s full of character, flavor, and just a hint of spice like Flay himself. But if you’re looking to build on those Flay-vors in a different way, you’re more than welcome to try our Bobby Flay’s Shrimp And Roasted Garlic Tamale with a Twist recipe.

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