In celebration of Olympus, the pinnacle of battle royale maps

When you think of all time great FPS maps, what names pop into your head? Team Fortress 2’s 2Fort? Unreal’s Facing Worlds (opens in new tab)? Halo’s Blood Gulch? Counter Strike’s Dust2 (opens in new tab)? Iconic maps to a piece, definitional of their respective games’ sensibilities, layouts seared into the minds of any self-respecting shooter aficionado.

But they’re maps from an older era and, save exceptions like Overwatch and Halo Infinite, today’s shooters measure their arenas in kilometres, not square footage. Entire islands whose sheer scale demands repeated structures and empty hillsides—and while we might remember individual locations like Tilted Towers and Skulltown fondly, can any of these bloated maps hold their own against those titans of level design?

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