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Do you ever cease and surprise what the bottom beneath your ft appeared like eons in the past?

With the Historic Earth Map, you are able to do simply that. Enter your deal with and see your actual location the way in which it was on the time of dinosaurs or earlier. The interactive web site additionally walks you thru the planet’s beautiful geological modifications between now and historic instances.

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At present’s globe visible is drastically totally different than it was when dinosaurs roamed. Over thousands and thousands of years, the Earth’s tectonic plates shifted, shifting into place like items in a large jigsaw puzzle.

Historic Earth Map, created by Ian Webster, and tectonic knowledge and paleogeographic maps by C.R. Scotese of the PALEOMAP Undertaking, shows the planet’s practically unrecognizable association of land mass and oceans from eons in the past.

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The location will routinely take you to Earth because it appeared 240 million years in the past throughout the Pangaea supercontinent period, however you possibly can select to see view of the world from any time interval (beginning 750 million years in the past) to the current day. If you happen to’re on a desktop, maintain down the left and proper arrow keys to observe because the continents as we all know them break aside then regularly shift again collectively.

Gaze the world as by no means earlier than and study landmark moments like the primary vertebrates, the primary hominins, and the extinction of dinosaurs…all whilst you’re sporting your cozy pants.

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