Is this the most DANGEROUS hole in the world of golf?

Some holes in the world of golf strike fear into the hearts of even the most talented players in the game. Golf courses are intimidating places and this is because of the brutal layout of some holes.

The 12th hole at Augusta National, host of The Masters, comes to mind. Time and time again, the best players on the planet have found the water when chasing the Green Jacket. The narrow green, the bunkers and of course, Rae’s Creek. It is very hard to find the putting surface under pressure.

You also have the Road Hole at St Andrews, which may have been conquered by Cameron Smith on his way to winning The 150th Open Championship, but this is a famously treacherous hole.

With the road behind the green and the dreaded pot bunker in front of the putting surface, many players have tried and failed to navigate their way around this famous part of the Old Course.

This next hole I am about to show you won’t be familiar to most people, but once you take a glance, you won’t forget it in a hurry.

In the footage above, we have the 12th hole at White Bear Yacht Club in Minnesota. The tee box is not on the same piece of land as the fairway because there is a busy road separating each feature.

The brave golfer finds the perfect moment to hit his shot while no cars are coming, but you’d have to assume that there’s been a number of close calls with balls flying over the narrow road.

It is important to note that the tee box is elevated, so a good drive would safely sail over the road. However, we aren’t all Bryson DeChambeau or his other LIV Golf Tour colleagues. We don’t all hit bombs.

It only takes one bad connection and one unlucky driver to drive by and you could have a serious collision on your hands. The people of Saint Paul, Minnesota must cover their eyes in horror each time they go near the dreaded 12th hole.



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