Jurgen Klopp says exactly why FSG selling Liverpool would be different to Chelsea’s takeover

FSG have revealed they are hoping for new Liverpool investors in a statement released earlier this week.

Jurgen Klopp insists that Liverpool’s potential sale is ‘completely different’ to the one that took place at Chelsea earlier this year.

Reds owners FSG have put the club on the market, having been at the helm since 2010.

Liverpool could become the latest Premier League club to be sold after a Todd Boehly-led consortium purchased Chelsea from Roman Abramovich in May.

However, that was to gain full control of the Stamford Bridge club after Abramovich was hit by sanctions by the UK government following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

And Klopp believes that FSG are looking for ‘investors’ rather than to part ways completely.

Speaking at his post-match press conference after last night’s penalty shootout defeat of Derby County in the Carabao Cup, Klopp said: “First and foremost, Chelsea got sold. As I understand it, we are looking for investors. It’s different. The situation is completely different.

“Chelsea got sold because the owner was in trouble, let me sum it up like this. There was urgency in the situation, we don’t have that here, not at all.

“For me, it’s just important that while this process, whatever it is, is happening is that we just keep going and planning. What will be, whatever will happen, these things take time.

“I’m not an expert in this but whenever it will happen and someone comes in or whatever, until then a lot of things can happen in that time and we have to keep going not only football-wise but in between as well. I will make sure that will be the case and that’s all.

“In the moment, nothing happened, it’s just news and nobody had a heart attack when we got the news and thought: “Oh my god, how can we carry on”. It’s a decision and that’s fine.

“We work really close together with FSG, it’s a great relationship, was a great relationship until now, it will not change and whatever happens, we will deal with it.”

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