Konoha’s Story Has Shikamaru’s Finest Tribute to Sarutobi Asuma

In Naruto: Konoha’s Story — The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga, a pensive Shikamaru honors the tragic legacy of his former instructor, Sarutobi Asuma.

The next comprises spoilers for Chapters 1 and a pair of of Naruto: Konoha’s Story — The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga by Masashi Kishimoto, Natsuo Sai, Sho Hinata, Nathan A. Collins and Brandon Bovia, now accessible in English from Viz Media.

Sarutobi Asuma’s story is without doubt one of the most tragic within the Naruto franchise. Chief of Crew 10, the mentor died throughout the Akatsuki struggle, shedding his life to Hidan to guard Shikamaru. It was a merciless blow; not solely was Asuma the son of the Third Hokage in Hiruzen, he additionally had a heat spot for younger shinobi, making certain — with the likes of Kakashi — the chilly practices of previous have been scrubbed away when it got here to tutelage.

He needed to make it simpler and extra pleasurable for the brand new technology within the Hidden Leaf, which drove Shikamaru on afterward. It is why Shikamaru ultimately turned Naruto’s (the Seventh Hokage) advisor, keen to make sure Konoha was protected and Asuma’s legacy honored. Effectively, come Naruto: Konoha’s Story — The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga, followers noticed Shikamaru provide up the right tribute to his deceased instructor.

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Shikamaru Saves Mirai in Battle

Mirai Sarutobi Kakashi and Asuma Land of Steam

When Asuma died, Shikamaru took it on his shoulders to be there as a son to the previous’s spouse, Kurenai, and their unborn youngster, Mirai. This led to Shikamaru not solely coaching Mirai, however performing like an uncle. It nodded to Asuma’s function in his life, and the way the mentor helped on S-rank missions and such.

The primary chapter of Konoha’s Story really has the same arc when Shikamaru and Asuma teamed up in opposition to the foul-mouthed Hidan the primary time. On this case, Mirai, on a mission to rescue a kitten, will get accosted by the Mezu gang. Sadly, Mirai’s too younger to make use of her genjutsu correctly and entice them in a dream state, however Shikamaru arrives to make use of his shadow methods to incapacitate most of them.

He then sends the chief fleeing by way of the forest, the place Kakashi (the Sixth Hokage) beats the thug down, which once more felt apt, as Kakashi took over Crew 10 to avenge Asuma’s dying with Shikamaru. As Shikamaru would then inform Mirai, feeling concern as a genin was okay, as this meant she was mature and cognizant — one thing Asuma usually preached, formally signaling the passing of the baton.

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Shikamaru Teases the Shogi Lesson to Mirai in Konoha’s Story

Naruto Kurenai and baby Mirai

Shikamaru usually performed Shogi (Japanese chess) on the dojo with Asuma. His instructor handed down a key lesson concerning pawns being sacrificed to guard the king, with Shikamaru considering the king was the Hokage. In his dying moments, Asuma confirmed the king was the longer term generations to return, ergo why they — the Hokage included — have been the pawns who gave all the things to avoid wasting them.

He requested Shikamaru to guard Mirai and all who’d come, which a long time later ends in Shikamaru taking part in the identical sport in Chapter 2 of Konoha’s Story. Coincidentally, when requested, Mirai additionally replies that the king is the Hokage, to which Shikamaru smiles. He does not let her know the reality as he is assured she is going to decipher the cryptic puzzle.

It is in the end a sentimental Easter egg and a uncommon second of levity with Shikamaru, as he can see Mirai doing the identical factor he did when the following batch of ninja warriors arrive in due time. To compound all of it, Shikamaru provides her Asuma’s chakra blade to make use of within the subject. This reiterates that the scholar has grow to be the grasp, and Mirai is certainly able to stroll the identical sneakers as her father.

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