Let’s Kill Excessive On Life’s Most Annoying Boss

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When it ain’t poking enjoyable at video video games, Excessive on Life is usually a simple, gratifying first-person shooter with vibrant colours, a killer soundtrack, and enjoyable gun mechanics. In the event you loved any Ratchet and Clank or Resistance: Fall of Man and haven’t checked this recreation out, you owe it to your self to present it a spin, particularly if in case you have Xbox Recreation Cross. However some boss fights, just like the second-to-last bounty, Nipulon, generally is a little tough.

Whereas the primary spherical of fight with Nipulon will probably be fairly easy, the next phases contain some trippy sequences with spinning environments, blurry visuals, and a bunch of faux Nipulons to distract you. Nipulon likes to mess together with your character’s head…which, for a mantis enemy in a recreation that’s susceptible to random online game references and different meta silliness, is on model. At the least the dude ain’t studying our reminiscence playing cards and calling us out.

On that observe, the Nipulon battle does have a handful of Metallic Gear Stable references which will be exhausting to listen to underneath the gun hearth. Activate subtitles so that you don’t miss these.

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Nipulon generally is a genuinely irritating foe. Particularly when you’re taking part in whereas, uh, excessive on no matter it’s you’re into. This information will assist you break via the illusions so you possibly can pop your globshot throughout this nuisance of a boss after which knife the son of a bitch right into a puddle of lucious bug blood.

Nipulon boss construction

The Nipulon battle takes you thru quite a few totally different phases. Right here’s the general construction it follows:

Combat section one: Combat Nipulon in his workplace.

Hallucination intermission one: Chat with Gene.

Combat section two: Combat a number of Nipulons (harm the blue one to maneuver on to the following intermission).

Hallucination intermission two: Chat together with your character’s sister.

Combat section three: Combat a number of Nipulons once more (harm the blue one to maneuver to the following intermission).

Hallucination intermission three: Acquire and chat together with your Gatlian gun buddies.

Combat section 4: Transfer down a hallway, preventing Nipulon and his copies with all 4 Gatlians without delay.

In the event you’re continuously rotating weapons, you nearly by no means must reload in Excessive On Life.
Gif: Squanch Video games / Kotaku

How one can beat Nipulon: battle section one (and how one can cycle Gatlians for fixed harm output)

Earlier than taking pictures Nipulon, make a beeline to your left and seize the Luglox chest in his workplace (you’ll have an opportunity to seize this on the finish when you miss it). There’s additionally a Dr. Gurgula trace on the TV mounted to the wall right here, however this is likely to be simpler to seize as soon as the battle’s over.

Nipulon, like different bosses within the recreation, will undergo totally different phases as you decrease his well being. Given how late that is within the recreation, until you’re taking part in on the best “Hunter” problem (which itself isn’t an excessive amount of of a problem past the opposite ranges, particularly when you play loads of FPS video games), the primary section shouldn’t bother you an excessive amount of. Choose no matter techniques you’ve been having fun with, however I’ll break down what labored properly for me.

You’ll be preventing Nipulon in his workplace to begin (after, but once more, speaking to fucking Helen of all god rattling individuals), so close-quarters weapons like Gus (shotgun) are very helpful. Whereas Nipulon has some resistance to assaults like Kenny’s globshot (you possibly can’t juggle him), different trickhole photographs like Gus’ disc or Sweezy’s time bubble are usable. However ideally, you wish to swap weapons incessantly.

Excessive on Life’s weapons reload themselves whenever you don’t have them geared up, so biking via your weapons as a substitute of reloading is a dependable sample to fall into when you’re not maining a particular gun or two.

I like to recommend beginning with Sweezy, after which biking via in order that Gus is your last gun. Gus’ trickhole shot, his disc, ricochets off partitions and will be hit with a timed-melee strike (look ahead to the immediate on the disc, it’s simple to overlook!) to ship it across the map once more. By the point you strike the disc a number of occasions, you’ll be prepared to maneuver again to Sweezy, whose trickhole will hopefully have reset by then, or will probably be very shut. The sample will look one thing like this:

  1. Shoot with Sweezy’s trickhole shot, empty her journal into the enemy.
  2. Swap to Creature, hearth his trickhole shot, after which empty his journal.
  3. Swap to Kenny, hearth his trickhole, empty his journal.
  4. Swap to Gus, hearth his trickhole (melee the disc a number of occasions to maintain it energetic), empty his journal.
  5. Swap again to Sweezy and do that complete factor over once more.

Primarily based on when every gun’s trickhole has recharged, your sample may begin with bullets from the journal, then the trickhole shot because the nearer earlier than swapping weapons. In the event you’re (appropriately) taking part in this recreation in an altered state of consciousness, little patterns like this might help maintain you targeted. And this works properly for the entire recreation, not simply the Nipulon battle.

How one can beat Nipulon: hallucination intermissions one, two, and three

Every section following the workplace brawl begins with a little bit hallucinatory interlude the place you’re caught in a loop of objects from different scenes within the recreation. This occurs a complete of 3 times in the course of the battle.

These interludes require you to speak with an NPC, then bounce right into a black gap that seems within the heart of the realm to renew your battle with Nipulon. The primary scene has you chatting with Gene. The second includes a chat together with your character’s sister.

The spatial results of those scenes will be trippy. Head for the column of sunshine when you’ve had a chat with each’s NPC.
Gif: Squanch Video games / Kotaku

The third and last one has you chat with all your Gatlian gun buddies, however you’ll want to maneuver via the zoomy setting to search out each. You’ll hear each calling out to you, so comply with the voices to seize each. Once you’re shut, you’ll see the round HUD immediate that signifies an interactable object.

  • Creature is on an working desk.
  • Kenny is on a House Applebee’s desk.
  • Gus is on some rubble in entrance of a big drill.
  • Sweezy is on a desk on the left facet of a truck.

The dialogue choices in the course of the first two intermissions right here don’t have any notably totally different final results, so choose no matter feels pure.

The looping, scalable objects on this setting generally is a little tough to navigate, so simply maintain an eye fixed out for the big column of sunshine and black gap when you’ve had a chat with every occasion’s NPC.

How one can beat Nipulon’s copies: battle phases two and three

As soon as you narrow via the hallucinatory episode the place family and friends let you know that you simply’re an terrible, egocentric individual destined for failure (that’s not acquainted in any respect), you’ll interact with Nipulon in probably the most annoying means potential: He has a number of variations of himself dancing in a swarming mess of trippy colours.

Don’t brute power your means via this. Belief me. Your first intuition is likely to be to only shoot via all of the copies like a means of elimination till you get to the true one. I’m right here to let you know that received’t work. As a substitute, you really want to deal with discovering the precise Nipulon.

Happily this isn’t too exhausting. All of Nipulon’s clones could have dominating inexperienced colour patterns on their armor and exoskeleton (he’s a bug, he doesn’t have pores and skin!). You wish to maintain an eye fixed out for the Nipulon with blue armor, purple gloves, and a tan exoskeleton. That’s our man. Kill him useless, bounty hunter.

The visible results don’t make it simple, however you’re in search of the dude in blue.
Gif: Squanch Video games / Kotaku

In contrast to the primary showdown within the workplace, you may wish to stick with Kenny or Sweezy to shoot Nipulon right here. Each of their main assaults are very correct and targeted, and when you maintain down goal, Sweezy fires a targeted sniper shot. Because the closest issues within the recreation to designated marksman rifles, the accuracy of Kenny and Sweezy will make this course of a lot simpler. Gus’ shotgun blast may serve you properly right here, however I discovered the three-magazine depend a little bit too restrictive.

The second section of the battle has these a number of Nipulon’s swarming round you. Motion isn’t an excessive amount of of a priority right here, you principally wish to simply goal for the right, blue-armored Nipulon to take down his well being additional to set off the following hallucination interlude.

Nipulon’s third section sees he and his copies bunched up right into a ball, taking pictures lasers out in all instructions. Like with the second section, bodily motion is a little bit tough because you’re floating in a hallucinatory void of colours, however it is best to do your finest to keep away from the intense inexperienced lasers whereas aiming for the blue-armored Nipulon. Don’t get too distracted taking pictures the copies, however you may discover it simpler to hit the true Nipulon when you clear a number of out (notably in the course of the third section).

How one can beat Nipulon: fourth (last) section

There’s not a lot of a trick to the ultimate section of the Nipulon battle. When you’ve had a little bit chat together with your Gatlians, you’ll get to make use of all 4 without delay. You’ll have to maneuver down a trippy hallway crammed with Nipulon copies. The actual one is on the very finish. Whereas they will harm you,and there may be some danger of demise, you wish to maintain transferring ahead and spam all your weapons to clear via the obstacles of Nipulon copies till you’re again at his workplace entrance, the place the true, blue one waits.

You’ll want to maneuver in to make use of Knifey to ship the ultimate blow. After killing Nipulon, don’t overlook to seize the Luglox chest in his workplace—assuming you didn’t accomplish that to start with. In the identical space (the nook with the bookshelves), you must also seize the Dr. Gurgula trace on a display mounted to the wall.

The protagonist in High On Life finds a secret hint.

Don’t miss the Dr. Gurgula trace in Nipulon’s workplace!
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When you’ve handled Nipulon, it’s time to maneuver on to the ultimate boss of the sport. Head on again to Gene, acquire the bounty for Nipulon and prepare to finish this complete factor.

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