Liverpool FC — Jürgen Klopp on Firmino role, Nunez-Salah connection and favourite PL moment

On how the Reds’ performance against Fulham has been ‘addressed’ this week…

Addressed, of course – after the game directly. With my English, I’m not sure if ‘attitude’ is the right thing but we had a slow start, I didn’t like the start at all. I saw then the attitude to fight back but that’s a different thing. It’s better you have a high intense, high concentrated, lively start in a football game than not. But it’s very often a game starts like this, that’s not a problem; first pass you turn it to the full-back, pass it backwards, next one gets blocked by the winger. That is always, ‘OK, come on, switch on now’ and that took too long in this game.

When we wanted to fight back we gave already parts of the momentum to Fulham, which was absolutely unnecessary because we played a really not good game and still could have scored more goals. Imagine we would have found [our way] really back in the game? We had our moments in the second half. We had moments in the first half but really not enough. So if I make now a big fuss of it and talk every day about it, imagine that? That would be strange as well. We try to make sure we are ready for this game. We were more often ready than not and that’s what we have to be again, nothing else. Having a slow start doesn’t mean you have to start slow all the time or you will never do it again, but it’s a sign – use it as information, change it and go from there.

On the encouraging signs of Salah and Nunez’s developing partnership…

It’s a cool partnership, definitely. It’s two players who are determined to score and be in the decisive areas – I mean behind the line, wherever the line is. It’s very helpful. Mo is in a really good moment and Darwin is settling in. I think Luis [Diaz] just missed the goal, if you want [at Fulham], really good moments, really good situations. [He had] two chances, one was post I think, or crossbar, and then got blocked in another situation. So, a little bit of luck and then he would score and that would help him as well massively. But apart from that this department was not our problem last weekend.

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