Love Island Backlash: 781 Complaints in Four Weeks

This season, there has been a real Love Island backlash, with 781 complaints filed in just four weeks. The complaints range from being about age differences between those dating to some people feeling like a couple of the housemates get too much coverage. But we will admit, we also find it kind of funny that people sit by just waiting to call and complain about this iconic show. What is sadder? The questionable stuff some contestants do, or the anti-fans who call in raging? It’s reality TV, folks. Just sit back and enjoy it or look away.

Love Island Backlash

Love Island backlash is nothing new. Since its debut back in 2015, controversy has been the name of the game. What else would you expect around a show about good-looking people hooking up? Half the fun of reality TV is the drama. The idea is getting people worked up is a great way to get people to watch. Oh, you’re offended? Well, keep watching.

From Variety:

According to Ofcom, viewers were concerned about bullying on the show, contestants’ wellbeing and mental health, certain contestants getting more screen time than others and the age gap between contestants on the dating show.

That is quite a myriad of reasons. But quick question: do people think complaining will hurt the show? All that does is up the speed of the hype train. When people get offended, more people tend to watch with the hopes of seeing what offended other people. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy by all sides.

Complaint Island

781 Love Island complaints in four weeks are almost impressive. Until you remember that one single episode got 25,000 complaints. Heck, this is what the show wants. But people need to remember that all press is good press. Honestly, this applies even more so to the reality TV landscape. Where lawlessness ruled supreme, the more bad press you get, the more eyes you get on you.

That said, it’s pretty clear no one will be looking away from Love Island anytime soon.

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