Marc Surer reveals Verstappen’s privileges: It doesn’t matter what Checo Perez says at Red Bull

Max Verstappen has now won five races in a row with Austria being the last time he failed to come in first.

Verstappen is currently leading the Drivers’ Championship, with 116 point advantage over his main competitor, Charles Leclerc, with the Dutchman all but assured of winning a second title on the trot.

But on the other side of the garage, things are not going so well. Sergio Perez might be in the same car as Verstappen but he is unable to keep up with the champion.

It is true that his start to the season was solid, earning everyone’s respect and a contract extension with his performances. But after that, things changed. The reality is that he has only one podium to his name over the past six races.

Marc Surer, who competed in Formula 1 between 1979 and 1986, has looked at the performances of Perez and factors several variables into his equation.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull, they fit perfectly!” Surer says to

Jim Clark with the Lotus or Jackie Stewart with the Tyrell. We should also mention in this context Michael Schumacher with Benetton, because except for him, no one could win races consistently there. There are combinations that just fit.

Verstappen also benefits from the car developing towards his direction. If he complains that the car understeers, they will do everything they can to eliminate that understeer. It doesn’t matter what Checo Perez says.

“At the beginning of the year, Max was not comfortable with the car. He was ranting on the radio all the time. And now it’s all harmony.

“When the car was understeering, Perez was at the same level as Max, and was even faster on some occasions.

“That’s the difference: if you give a super driver the car he needs, he can make it fly. While others can only go as fast as the car allows.”

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