Minecraft Adds a Meaningful Sign for Technoblade

Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade, who has more than 10 million subscribers, died due to his cancer two days ago. The fans and the game industry are sad about his death, and we’ve heard many condolences. One of the most meaningful respect comes from a big part of YouTuber Technoblade’s life: Minecraft. Mojang adds a little sign to Minecraft’s main game menu to show their respect to the YouTuber.

The death was tragic for all of us. We watched a video of his last speech to fans. Then we heard more from his father. The video got millions of views in hours and countless consolations. 

Minecraft Added a Sign to The Game’s Menu For Technoblade

Technblade had a pigman skin with a crown. Minecraft honors his death by adding a sign to the main menu’s background. You might see the pig with the crown in Minecraft’s Java Edition main menu. The pig didn’t have a crown before, and it’s not clear how much time we will see that new pigman. But it wouldn’t be harmful to the game if they kept it forever.

Also, Hypixel Network added a cool feature to its servers. If you use the Memorial Guide in the main lobby, you’ll be able to write a short letter for Technoblade’s family. The letters will be printed and sent to his family.

Minecraft players are searching for his Minecraft skin to change their own. Technoblade Minecraft skin is one of the trend searches on Google right now. It’s possible to download his skin and use it in the game. That means you might see a lot of players with pigman skin these days.

Technoblade was an icon for all Minecraft communities. We will remember him with his videos, images, strategies, and pigman skin. Don’t forget to check the main menu background on Minecraft!

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