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Ms. Marvel episode 5 seemingly ended the threat of the Noor dimension through Najma, but how did she close the veil to the other realm?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel episode 5.

Ms. Marvel episode 5 all but ended the storyline of the Noor dimension through Najma closing the Veil of Noor, leading to the question of how exactly it happened. Throughout most of Ms. Marvel, Najma and the Clandestines have been established as the show’s main villains. However, their premature deaths in Ms. Marvel episode 5 seemingly prop up Damage Control as the villains going into the final episode.

The main goal of Najma and the Clandestines was to return home to the Noor dimension through the use of Kamala’s bangle and her powers that come with it. Although, after being alerted to the dangers of sending the Clandestines home, Kamala decided not to help, turning allies into enemies in Ms. Marvel episode 3. This all came to a head with Ms. Marvel episode 5 showcasing the opening of the Veil of Noor, something which killed the secondary Clandestines upon trying to enter. This ended with Najma closing the rift, being killed in the process, and somehow passing powers on to her son Kamran. How exactly Najma was able to close the rift when the other Clandestines couldn’t remains a mystery, though some reasons can be inferred from Ms. Marvel as a whole.


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One of the things that could have allowed Najma to close the rift is Kamran himself. Najma ended her story seemingly showing regret for casting out Kamran, opting to close the rift as a way to save her son from the Noor dimension’s dangers. This act of love and sheer willpower could be what caused Najma to overpower the rift and push back its expansion, where Ms. Marvel’s other Clandestines couldn’t. Also, it is worth noting that the other Clandestines simply tried to travel through the Veil, as opposed to closing it as Najma did. Furthermore, it is shown that Najma has some sort of power that she passes to Kamran, which could also factor into how she closed the rift. Given Najma and Aisha being established as the two main Clandestines, with the latter also having some sort of powers, it would make sense for Najma to have more control over the Noor dimension as well. Again, all of this is merely speculation that Ms. Marvel hopefully provides answers for going into its final episode.

Why The Veil Kills Najma & The Clandestines

Najma Death Ms Marvel

The Veil of Noor, despite being closed by Najma, still kills her and the other Clandestines which is something that was established earlier in the show, particularly in Ms. Marvel episode 4. Upon meeting with the Red Daggers in episode 4, Kamala’s hesitancy about opening the Veil of Noor is justified. Waleed explains that, if the Veil is broken, the powers of the Noor dimension would flow into our world and destroy it, until the whole of Earth becomes the Noor dimension. As the show has established it would be impossible for the Clandestines to reverse their exile, through Bruno’s research and Waleed’s knowledge, it makes sense that the Noor dimension killed Najma and her allies. As they exist on Earth, unable to return to their hidden dimension, the process of the Noor expanding to consume Earth means that it destroys everything on it, including the Clandestines who are somewhat human as evident by Ms. Marvel’s Kamran.

That being said there are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding the Noor dimension, the Veil, and how Najma managed to close it. With one more episode of Ms. Marvel remaining, hopefully, some more concrete answers are given. With Kamran seemingly set to play a big part in the season finale, given his new powers and the connection to his mother through this, it would make sense for Kamran to be the one to reveal how his mother closed the Veil and the nature of Ms. Marvel episode 5’s conclusion of this particular story thread.

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