Norfolk man makes hundreds on Find It, Fix It, Flog It

5:15 PM July 4, 2022

A chicken trough, motorcycle lamp and a corner desk have netted a Norfolk man £540 on a Channel 4 show.

Bill Aldridge from just outside Fakenham, who specialises in house clearances, appeared on Find It, Fix It, Flog It on July 1.

His wife spotted an advert on social media for the programme and told producers about the sheds and barns at the bottom of Mr Aldridge’s garden.

The show sees hosts Henry Cole and Simon O’Brian take people’s unwanted items and refurbish them before giving them the profit.

In October last year, the show’s hosts came to visit Mr Aldridge and picked the four items to take away and restore.

Mr Aldridge, who went into his current work after he finished running his business in Hertfordshire, said: “I’ve got loads of stuff in my shed because I do the clearances and they came and took a corner desk and refurbished it.

“They took an old chicken trough and turned it into a heater, a motorcycle lamp and turned it into a home lamp and some metal chairs which they powder coated and made them look amazing.

“It was a really nice day and great to have them down here having a look round.”

But his day got even better when TV crews returned a few weeks later to tell him his items had sold for a profit of £540.

He added: “Normally you’d go up to the studio and they’d tell you how much you’ve made, but because of Covid they came to me.

“They filmed my reaction and I didn’t think they’d make much, maybe £200, so when they said over £500, I couldn’t believe it.

“I’ve got quite a bit of quirky stuff because I clear out pubs among other things, but I didn’t expect those items to make all that.”

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