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The sport One Piece Odyssey options the characters and story of a long-running manga and anime collection referred to as “One Piece. 

When you’ve by no means heard of the unique manga (a broad time period describing Japanese comics and graphic novels), it’s basically the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a man whose physique gained stretchy, rubberized talents after he unintentionally ate an unique Satan Fruit. He and his equally gifted crewmates, The Straw Hat Pirates, sail the world looking for treasure.

One Piece Odyssey begins with the infamous crew and their ship, Thousand Sunny, being launched up into the skies by a savage storm after which left beached beside Waford Island, an isle stuffed with scattered glowing ruins. This mysterious place can be mentioned to carry an excellent legendary treasure.

The Straw Hats begin trying to find supplies to restore Sunny, however the crew rapidly comes upon a stoic woman named Lim who’s none too trustful of pirates. So she makes use of her energy to separate the crew from their private strengths and talents—storing these talents in scattered mystical cubes.

Crew members should then set off on two adventuring fronts: they should enter a world of recollections to bit-by-bit recuperate what they’ve misplaced by revisiting particular occasions from their previous. They usually’ll additionally embark on quests, discover dungeons and remedy puzzles in an effort to resolve a a lot bigger thriller related to the storm that marooned them.

All through these adventures, the crewmates are confronted by powered-up thugs, bandits, huge creatures and robotic monsters that they have to give battle to in turn-based skirmishes. The sport makes use of a rock-paper-scissors battle system to find out the strengths and weaknesses between the participant’s crew of Straw Hat characters (providing selection of 4 characters per battle, every with their very own particular talents) and the enemies they face.

The 9 playable Straw Hat crew characters additionally every have their very own distinctive expertise that assist in the island exploration. Luffy, for example, can stretch his rubbery arms and grapplehook to elevated areas. Chopper, a bit reindeer-like man, can slip into tight areas. One other character named Sanji can craft therapeutic objects and the like. And the checklist of talents stretches on from there.


There’s fairly a bit to get pleasure from on this broad, cartoony journey. The quirky Straw Hat crewmembers are enjoyable in their very own odd methods. Their personalities are all well-drawn and so they match their combating and exploring ability units properly. And although the central characters are portrayed as “infamous” they really rally collectively as buddies to assist one another and save the day. The worth of shut buddies is emphasised by the story’s finish.


When you start the sport figuring out nothing about this manga-based group and their tales, you could really feel a tad misplaced at first of the sport. It assumes that these weird people effectively.

There’s additionally an ongoing rush of battles that function magical blasts and fireballs. Characters kick, punch and slash one another with swords and poles and blast away with firearms.

There’s no bloody mess, however the numerous power-based assaults might be dynamically impactful. The sport additionally consists of cutscene moments when characters are shot at shut vary, crisped by hearth and electrocuted (and so on.) and seem to fall over lifeless (earlier than getting again up). Folks cry out when injured.

As talked about above, the manga-style characters are very stylistically cartoony. Nonetheless, the sport doesn’t flinch at winking at a little bit of sexuality. We hear some feedback about characters having “perverted” reactions to girls. And two of the Straw Hat crewmates are voluptuous girls who put on revealing tops (a skimpy bikini prime in a single case.)

There are a number of makes use of of the phrase “b–tard.” And a ship captain referred to as Smoker all the time retains two lit cigars in his mouth. There are comparatively unexplained magical powers and assaults woven all through this world.


If Luffy and his friends, there’s a whole lot of manga-style, chaotic journey available. If not, elements of this recreation could also be a, uh, stretch.

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