Over 14 million Pokémon were caught at Pokémon GO Fest: Berlin

The Pokémon GO team has shared results and data from its recent Pokémon GO Fest: Berlin event.

In a blog post today, the team revealed that players caught over 14 million Pokémon over the duration of the in-person event, which took place from July 1 to July 3. Players also travelled over a collective total of 303,000 kilometers—or roughly 188,275 miles—in search of rare and unique Pokémon.

Visitors were able to capture Shiny Pansear and Shiny Foongus, two Pokémon who only recently received Shiny forms in Pokémon GO. Players could also find the Ultra Beast Pheromosa after advancing through the Special Research story and take a commemorative photo with Pikachu and Eevee. The in-person portion of the event took place in Berlin’s Britzer Garten in the heart of Germany, where players could venture through four different habitats to find Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Fest: Berlin is the first of this year’s in-person GO Fest events. Two more will be taking place later this year: Pokémon GO Fest: Seattle, which runs from July 22 to July 24, and Pokémon GO Fest: Sapporo, which runs from Aug. 5 to Aug. 7. Tickets are available now for interested attendees. The blog post hinted that attendees at those events may be able to capture the Ultra Beasts Buzzwole and Xurkitree, respectively. Following both events, Niantic will host the Pokémon GO Fest global finale on Aug. 27, allowing players from around the world to join in on the fun.

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