Partying up with Monster Hunter’s new Followers is everything I hoped it would be

Monster Hunter’s NPCs are all talk. Every time some cataclysmic elder dragon threatens the balance of the world, it’s all “Yeah, we can do this!” and “Let’s hunt that darn monster!” but when the actual fight rolls around, they push you into the arena alone and wish you all the best. They might play a supporting role off-screen or shout stuff, but it’s always bothered me that in a world filled with hunters, we’re the only ones who ever actually seem to do any hunting.

I can’t help but laugh at those cutscenes where everyone gathers together to brainstorm how to beat the new big bad, when they know full well they’ll be sending you off by yourself as they sit on the sidelines and strategise. It’s a disconnect between narrative and play, but to be honest it’s pretty easy to ignore when 90 percent of the time you’re fighting monsters alongside other players. Still, that doesn’t stop it being a shame.

Wandering around Kamura Village in Rise, or Astera in World, you meet all kinds of cool-looking hunters, and a part of me always wanted to see them in action or to fight alongside a big group of them. Since weapons in Monster Hunter are basically personalities in their own right, it’s fun to see what NPCs use, like when we discovered that the Bunny Dango girl is a bowgun main. One of the few good things about Rampage was the opportunity to use NPCs as emplacements, and catch a brief glimpse of what they could do.

(Image credit: Capcom)

But I just always assumed that we never got NPCs to hunt with because the game was too complex. Monster Hunter is tricky at the best of times and it’s the kind of game where, if you don’t really know what you’re doing as a group, you can actually get in each other’s way. That’s why when Capcom announced NPC followers for Sunbreak, AI hunters that can accompany the player on certain missions, I thought they were going to be janky as hell.

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