Paul McGinley on Paul Casey’s decision: “It’s all about the..”

Paul Casey is one of the last names who decided to perform at LIV Golf. Paul McGinley reacted to his decision “I mean, look, it’s all about the money Rob. Anybody who says it’s about growing the game, because there is a new way of playing the game and all that, I really question that.

It’s all about the money. “Paul Casey has obviously been injured since January-February. He’s missed all three of the Major Championships so far this year. It’s almost like an assurance policy, he’s obviously been given a whole load of money to go there and you can understand it.

I can understand somebody if they’ve got injuries, Bryson as well too, who has said it’s a business decision, who was probably referring to the fact that he was injured. “- he said for skysports.

McGinley statement

McGinley made an interesting suggestion.

The main motive of the players is certainly money, but the question is whether they will leave LIV Golf and return to another Tour. “The money is so huge and so big that players are taking that, particularly the ones who are towards the second parts of their careers.

It’s understandable, I get it. The challenge going forward is can the players go over there, take the money, which is fine, but then come back and take money off the table of the guys who have stayed loyal to the Tour. That’s the big question.

“Having spoken to some of the players on the range this week, as well as a lot of the US Open, absolutely no way. It’s going to be the players who feel very strong about that, more so than the Tours to say that’s fine, if you are going to go over there then off you go, but we’re staying with the Tours but, as one player said to me ‘you can’t double-dip.’ ”

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