Pokémon Go: Best Movesets and Counters for Zarude

Zarude, the mythical rogue monkey, is among the newer Pokémon to join the roster. Some Pokémon Go players are still learning their movesets and discovering counters against Zarude. Whether you’ve obtained Zarude or want to plan to face off against one, it’s essential to understand strengths and weaknesses. So, we’ve gathered what we feel are the best movesets to use for them and the counters you should look out for.

Best Movesets and Counters for Zarude in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Zarude Movesets Counters

In Pokémon Go, Zarude is a Dark/Grass-type Pokémon. It’s a pairing that gives Zarude plenty of resistance and equal weaknesses. Knowledge of these comes in handy as you build up the right movesets for Zarude and the best counters as well.

Zarude Movesets and Strengths in Pokémon Go

Zarude has plenty of resistance against a variety of move types. They can stand their own against the following:

  • Ground
  • Ghost
  • Grass
  • Dark
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Psychic

So, if you find yourself facing off against enemies of any of the above types, know that your Zarude should stand a fighting chance.

Now, let’s look at the best movesets for Zarude in Pokémon Go.

Whether you’re playing offense or defense, both Power Whip (41.5 dps) and Vine Whip (14 dps) are great movesets. These moves work well in PvP as well as in Gym Battles.

Take a look at the rest of Zarude’s skills, so you know everything you have to work with:

(Quick Move)

(Main Move)

  • Dark Pulse
  • Energy Ball
  • Power Whip

Also, here is Zarude’s Base Stats in Pokémon Go:

  • Attack: 242
  • Defense: 215
  • Stamina: 233

Zarude Counters in Pokémon Go

Now, if you’re facing an opponent Zarude or want to know what to avoid with your own Zarude, pay attention to their weaknesses. The following move types can cause some serious damage:

  • Bug
  • Fairy
  • Fighting
  • Flying
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Poison

Bug-type Pokémon can cause the most damage to Zarude. So, take care of those if you’re using Zarude, and remember to use either a Bug-type or Bug moves on them.

Here are some of our favorite Pokémon to use for counters:

  • Pheromosa: Low Kick or Bug Bite, Bug Buzz
  • Volcarona: Fire Spin or Bug Bite, Bug Buzz or Overheat
  • Scyther: Fury Cutter, Bug Buzz
  • Genesect: Fury Cutter, X-Scissor
  • Escavalier: Bug Bite, Megahorn


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Pokémon Go is available on iOS and Android.

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